AutomotiveConnect: Supplier

Tier 1 suppliers are generally doing well in today’s buoyant economy, but need to strengthen their position in advance of future disruptions. As a Tier 1 you know you have to tackle the need for global standardization, while at the same time continuing to innovate, and deriving more business value from data

The need for global standardization. Companies that have historically focused on the needs of individual OEMs now need to standardize to gain supply chain flexibility and agility in adopting innovation, as well as economies of scale.

The need for innovation and new business models. It’s necessary always to be thinking ahead on how to sustain competitive advantage, and develop processes that will take a new idea from concept to sale as fast as possible. New business models are now needed to leverage some of today’s technological concepts such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The need to get business advantage from data. As you standardize globally and adopt new business models, you need to be able to use data collected worldwide to maintain your competitive advantage.

Capgemini has established three focus areas under the heading AutomotiveConnect: Supplier. We believe that suppliers can best achieve their aims by focusing on these areas, and on the intersections between them:

Industrialization & Agility:
Combining standards and speed for competitive advantage

Innovation & Change:
Turning innovation into value

Insight & Action:
Transforming data into competitive advantage