Show me your application services portfolio and I’ll tell you about your company. In a world of digital realities this is truer than ever. The new reality of Technology Business demands application services to be built and delivered at high speed and in various incarnations, as close to the business as possible. And for sure, these application services no longer resemble applications as we used to know them, with even the very notion of user interfaces rapidly melting away (“Alexa, terminate my GUI” has been considered as a trend name for this edition). Although agile working through Minimum Viable Products now seems to be the established norm, the quality of applications needs to be enterprise level, as the trust balance of the organization is always at risk.

The applications portfolio of a thriving Technology Business is much more light-weight, easy to connect to and built on the shoulders of typical cloud-native qualities. Yet, applying this new applications blueprint is far from straight forward, as existing core systems – coming from a different decade or even decades – are a reality to all but the youngest startups. To unleash the Technology Business applications blueprint, various steps should be considered:

  • Existing applications need to be simplified, rationalized, consolidated and decommissioned. What may have once been differentiating solutions for organizational growth, are now all too often petrified, budget-devouring nuisances. Standard, industry best practice solutions from the cloud are a quick – though possibly disruptive – way to break the inertia. Loosely coupled layers on top of silo applications are another – through bots, APIs, Robotic Process Automation. In all cases, it needs the dedicated mind of a tidying-up guru to actually get things done.
  • Existing or newly developed applications can be augmented by adding a touch of “smart” to them. AI services in areas such as vision, speech, language, knowledge, and predictive analytics are routinely available as microservices, so no need for application developers to dive into the possibly alien worlds of deep learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning and computer linguistics. Again, by adding easy to use, conversational interfaces – such as voice assistants and bots – on top of applications services, it makes solutions much more accessible and acceptable to users.
  • New applications are rapidly built and released DevOpsstyle – in quick iterations by joint business and IT teams, leveraging microservices, APIs, software containers, serverless computing and radically automated, high productivity tools. Built-in analytics, cognitive AI capabilities and smart contracts further add to both the corporate IQ and the trust balance of the enterprise.

The unleashed application works in the most fluent, seamless way – seemingly anticipating the intentions of its users almost before they are expressed. It’s not a beast to be tamed, it’s the silent, reliable engine powering business technology. As simple as that.

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