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The digital journey is about treading uncharted and unfamiliar territory. It is riddled with questions and challenges. How can I scale digital initiatives across geographies? What kind of governance model should we consider? Do my employees have the right digital skills? How can I drive employee engagement in an age of declining loyalties? What is my role as a leader?

At the Capgemini Research Institute, these are some of the questions we try to tackle in our research. We are curious and passionate about all things digital. We draw on our worldwide network of experts and work closely with academic and technology partners. We have dedicated research centers in the United Kingdom, USA, Singapore, and India.

The Capgemini Research Institute was recently ranked #1 in the world for the quality of its research by independent analysts.

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Conversations for Tomorrow #3

Intelligent Industry: The Next Era of Transformation

Data sharing masters

How smart organizations use data ecosystems to gain an unbeatable competitive edge

Raport Capgemini „Sustainable IT”

Dlaczego nadszedł czas na zieloną rewolucję w IT Twojej organizacji?

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A sustainable future calls for collective action, bolder leadership, and smarter...

Budowanie stabilnego łańcucha dostaw

Sytuacja w branży produktów konsumenckich i handlu detalicznym w świecie po pandemii

Cyfrowe mistrzostwo

Jak organizacje wdrażały cyfrową transformację w ciągu ostatnich dwóch lat

Fast forward

Rethinking supply chain resilience for a post-pandemic world

The data-powered enterprise

Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery

12 wydanie przeglądu cyfrowych transformacji

Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level: Lessons from the Leaders

The Last-Mile Delivery Challenge

Capgemini global study finds 3 in 4 customers would increase spend and be more willing to try...

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