Tube Lines Transforms IT to Keep London Moving

Capgemini collaborates with largest operator maintaining London Underground network to deliver a wave of transformation in IT.

“ IT underpins all the services we provide and simply has to work well if the current massive investment in London Underground infrastructure is to deliver the major improvements that our customers and passengers expect from it. The collaborative approach we have developed with our outsourcing partner Capgemini has clearly paid huge dividends. We work as a single, unified team, with a shared sense of ownership, great levels of trust and mutual confidence – and great results. ”Adrian Davey, Head of IT, Tube Lines

The Situation

Tube Lines maintains the trains, tracks and stations for three of the busiest lines on London Underground Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly, together carrying almost 2 million passengers daily. A massive investment program including new trains and refurbished stations is underway. To support this, Tube Lines has embarked on a major technology transformation program.

The goal is to transform Tube Lines into an “Enterprise 2.0” organization with new-generation IT based on Web 2.0 tools and technologies to enable employees, partners, suppliers and customers to better share information and ideas, and work together more effectively. Prior to embarking on the build phase of the program, Tube Lines wanted to ensure that the infrastructure was ready to embrace such a change as well as to avoid changing areas (that warranted improvement) just for the sake of transformation.

The Solution

Capgemini is Tube Lines’ premier IT partner under a long-term outsourcing arrangement signed in 2005. Unlike traditional outsourcing arrangements, Capgemini collaborates intimately with Tube Lines using a “One Team” approach for optimal service delivery. Capgemini’s day-to-day contractual responsibilities include supporting some 2,500 Tube Lines staff at 70 locations across the capital.

Although transformation readiness is not often recognized as a vital component of business and/or technology transformation programs, teams from both sides knew how significant it would be to address Tube Lines’ future vision. From September 2007 to February 2008, the joint team led by Capgemini embarked on a “Transformation Readiness Program” which was followed by the build phase.

The Result

The joint team adopted a “reuse and rebuild” model instead of “rip and replace.” By doing so, it successfully transformed service levels and user satisfaction ratings based on legacy IT infrastructures while also completing the design phase of the technology transformation program. This led to significant savings, in costs as well as time. An independent audit places the current Capgemini service in the top quartile for quality and bottom quartile for costs.


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