Service Integration Enables IT Efficiency, Stability and Flexibility for the State of Texas

Capgemini helps the Texas Department of Information Resources shape their IT organization to maximize benefits

The Situation

Texas is America’s second most populous state and the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is responsible for administering citizen and state IT services. In 2006, the legislature approved a bill that authorized DIR to undertake a consolidation project for state agencies. The project faced many challenges, including project overruns and service outages. After careful consideration and analysis, DIR determined that a different approach would be required to make the project successful. An approach that would utilize latest technologies, standardize processes and deliver consistent, integrated and transparent services across the state.

The Solution

DIR elected to introduce a new IT governance model that solicited comments and suggestions from customers and
encouraged interaction among all parties. Additionally, when the decision was made rebid, DIR divided up the contract into smaller pieces, allowing for greater vendor participation options.

The Result

In the first phase of the project, Capgemini successfully transitioned the Data Center Services (DCS) project to a new, integrated IT service model within the allocated time period. Capgemini will be the integrator of multi-sourced services on behalf of the Department of Information Resources as it looks to standardize its infrastructure processes and maximize the value of its IT services delivered by various suppliers. This program will bring together more than 150 experts led by Capgemini’s North American Infrastructure Services team, which will support twenty-eight government organizations across the state. Specifically, the team will provide a variety of services including information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) based service management, service desk solutions, program management, IT security, business continuity, disaster recovery and financial management.


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