Modernizing your field service operations with Salesforce Field Service Lightning

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With Field Service Lightning, a powerful set of customizable features are available that enable you to establish a mobile-friendly field service hub.

Managing a business with a field service operation requires a lot of coordination. Consistently delivering exceptional customer service in the field presents many, many challenges. In many cases, technicians are the face of your brand to your customers, and they lack adequate, real-time knowledge to meet customer expectations – let alone suggest additional services and offerings.

There are many field service challenges that transcend industries, including:

  • Limited visibility into mobile employee workload and schedules
  • No unified view of customers or service interaction
  • Disconnected systems
  • Limited to no insight on reporting or data
  • An antiquated or lack of mobile functionality.

Organizations with a field service component are faced with the choice of either continuing to depend on legacy systems and processes, reliance on third-party service organizations, manual scheduling without accuracy and stagnant customer-satisfaction, or adopting and using a more modern approach.

Are you providing your field service reps with all the necessary tools and technology for them to excel at their pivotal role in your organization?

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is an offering by Salesforce that’s tailored to help organizations stay connected to their on-site reps and empower professionals with the tools and data to make them more productive and allow them to provide a more personalized level of service to customers.

With FSL, a powerful set of customizable features are available that enable you to establish a mobile-friendly field service hub.

Connect your agents, mobile workforce, products, and customers all on one singular platform.

Dedicated, offline-first mobile experience: Empower mobile employees with real-time access to job updates, knowledge, and collaboration from anywhere.

Intelligent scheduling, dispatch and optimization: Automate appointment booking based on your business rules and optimize resource scheduling with a single click.

Enhanced productivity and customer engagement: Improve visibility across the customer and asset lifecycle while delivering a connected end-to-end experience.

Capgemini Field Service Accelerator

In 2017, Capgemini’s North American Salesforce practice rolled out the first FSL Accelerator which added additional functionality on top of what you receive out-of-the-box with Salesforce FSL.

The FSL Accelerator capability is primarily designed to:

  • Connect customers, agents, dispatchers, and service technicians on a single platform
  • Improve service productivity, service revenue, first time repair rates, customer satisfaction
  • Reduce service costs, average time to repair
  • Eliminate time and investment and integration of deploying separate field service solution
  • Provide integration expertise to critical CRM, purchasing, invoicing, and inventory management functions.

The need for most of this new functionality has been identified by our partners who have been using the initial Accelerator we developed several years ago. We developed a list of desired features to extend out of the box FSL, cross checked it with the Salesforce’s product team, and identified features to add to FSL to make the tool even more beneficial.

I am pleased to share that we are launching the next version of the Capgemini FSL Accelerator during Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce’s premier annual event which takes place on November 19 through 22.

Included in the Dreamforce 2019 release, we are adding features related to remote diagnosis and remote problem solving to bring the FSL experience closer to our partner’s customers. These customers will have the ability to reach out to client support easily and directly using a purpose build mobile application.

With this mobile application, you will be able to access a whole set of new features including:

  • An AI-powered chatbot
  • A live agent video chat to support remote diagnosis for field service reps
  • AI-powered image recognition functionality that can recognize the reason of failure of an asset and suggest next steps
  • The ability to get the status of a scheduled appointment and rate the results of the service.

Connect with Capgemini at Dreamforce 2019

The Field Service Lightning Accelerator team will be available at the Capgemini sponsor booth #1718 at Dreamforce 2019, and we will be ready and eager to answer your questions regarding FSL and Salesforce.

In addition to our booth presence, we will have an FSL Accelerator presentation in the Capgemini San Francisco Applied Innovation Exchange, which is just a short walk from the Moscone Center.

Anyone who is interested in the FSL Accelerator presentation can join us at the AIE and should email me for an invitation –