Next Best Experience for surviving Christmas preparations

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Instead of just supporting an organization-centric view of the brand exchange, NBE has a wider scope, aiming to create meaningful and memorable customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Stepping into the busiest shopping season of the year – Say hello to Christmas!

I admit I’m probably not at my best when it comes to selecting the Christmas presents for my loved ones. Instead of efficiently conducting the purchases well in advance, too often I have found myself touring shopping malls last minute, and, browsing various web stores until midnight and beyond. While doing this, I have secretly hoped that someone with greater wisdom would have proactively approached me with relevant content at the right time, in the right context and channel. Keeping up the pace in the following interactions would have provided me with a true “dream customer journey” and my Christmas preparations would be on track!

Engaging and being more relevant with the help of Next Best Experience

What is going to make Christmas merrier this year? Next Best Experience (NBE) is an evolution from Next Best Action Marketing (NBA, also known as “Best Next Action” or “Recommended Action”) and something highly recommendable. Instead of just supporting a plain product or an organization-centric view of the customer/brand exchange, NBE has a wider scope, aiming to create meaningful and memorable customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. NBE utilizes tailoring and triggering effective customer and context specific actions throughout the journey by utilizing various decisioning criteria and data available (e.g. data on customer’s past behavior, recent actions, interests etc.). Finally, NBE aims for a high degree of customer intimacy and typically includes methods crossing the traditional borders between marketing, sales and service. Mark P Taylor throws more light on NBE in his blog post “Next Best Everything”— I strongly recommend reading it.

In this era of Customer Experience there’s a lot of buzz around Next Best Experience and for good reason: Applying NBE can help companies not only be more relevant to their customers but also drive emotional engagement and achieve long-term loyalty. Furthermore, NBE increases consistency across channels and enables effective learning from each conversation held.

The potential and benefits of NBE become tangible when one considers how this approach can be applied in different customer situations throughout the entire customer journey. You are continuously working towards better customer experience and simultaneously optimizing the value of every single customer.

Various software platforms provide businesses with Next Best Experience and/or Next Best Action capabilities and their supporting features. In this blog post, I take a closer look at Pega’s NBE capabilities.

Pegasystems and NBE

Pegasystems is a true pioneer In the Next Best Experience / Next Best Action arena and since the company’s founding in 1983 has made a consistent and significant effort to deliver and excel with this particular capability. Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH) is today a highly optimized environment that provides a real-time contextual view of each customer and uses this to create a consistent customer experience that is personal and relevant, exceeding expectations. No wonder Pegasystems themselves often refer to their CDH with the expression “Always-on Brain”.

Key features of Pega Customer Decision Hub

Pega Customer Decision Hub gathers comprehensive data management, decision management and advanced analytics capabilities under one unified platform. The key features of Pega Decisioning include Proposition Management, Decision Strategies, Interaction History, Visual Business Director, Adaptive Decision Manager and Predictive Analytics Director.

  • Proposition Management is where the propositions are defined. Propositions have a wide meaning here: basically, anything that can be offered to the customer can be included as propositions.
  • In Decision Strategies, customer data is pulled together with rules and predictive models. This is to determine the single Next Best Actions to create that Next Best Experience for any given customer journey.
  • Interaction history stores the data collected from all different customer interactions (including the responses to individual NBAs). This is the long-term memory of Pega.
  • Visual Business Director provides an intuitive environment for decision strategy simulation and analysis. The various functionalities of Visual Business Director are extremely useful in helping users predict the likely effect of a decision before it has been implemented and thereby enable optimization.
  • Pega’s Adaptive Decision Maker enables development and deployment of self-learning and data-gathering models, thereby helping businesses continuously optimize their customer experience and adjust into changing conditions.
  • Predictive Analytics Director is the environment provided for business users to develop non-adaptive predictive models.

Pega Customer Decision Hub can work with existing systems and data sources. Furthermore, where Pega strongly differentiates is its extensive capability to manage consistent decision making real-time across different roles and connect this with all (both online and offline, inbound and outbound) channels.  In other words, it’s a unified platform with all its benefits. So if you are looking at adopting a consistent and comprehensive solution, check out what Pega has to offer.

Capgemini Predictive Services for Customer Engagement

Building on the fact that meaningful experiences ultimately drive emotional engagement and secure sustainable long-term loyalty, we at Capgemini have built a powerful solution “Capgemini Predictive Services for Customer Engagement” on Pega. For more information on this solution please follow the link.

Let’s connect!

Would you like to hear more about creating the Next Best Experiences for your customers? Are you eager to see how Pega Customer Decision Hub works in practice? Just give me a buzz and let’s have a discussion!

The Blogger

Jukka Tuominen is the Head of Customer Engagement at Capgemini Finland Applications Services. Through his work, Jukka is always on a mission to develop engaging experiences built upon robust processes and a strong technological backbone.

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