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The great consumer reset

COVID-19 and the consumer products and retail consumer

The Consumer and COVID-19

Global consumer sentiment research in the consumer products and retail industry

COVID-19 and the automotive consumer

How can automotive organizations re-engage consumers and reignite demand?

Boosting cybersecurity immunity

Confronting cybersecurity risks in today’s work-from-home world

COVID-19 and the financial services consumer

Supporting customers and driving engagement through the pandemic and beyond

Perspectives from China

Preparing for tomorrow: Perspectives from China

In China, the pandemic has forced businesses to reinvent themselves at high speed. Capgemini...

Other insights

The Day After: Reinvention of Logistics

COVID-19 is an unprecedented threat to our organisations, and the lay of our lands. It knows...

Automotive Sales: a bumpy road to recovery

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the automotive industry. What will it take for it to get...

The Day After: PREDICT

Will the word “predict” completely disappear from our vocabulary post-lockdown, or will it...

How COVID-19 is affecting car sales and consumer attitudes

COVID-19 has disrupted our everyday working life, our private life and also our consumer and...

TechnoVision and the pandemic

How TechnoVision helps you overcome new business challenges.

Earth Day reflections: will we learn to listen?

Reflections on the size of the climate challenge – lessons from the current pandemic.

The Day After: Sobriety, frugality

The question is whether we, as individuals, businesses, investors and public authorities,...

Leading Virtual Teams

Capgemini Invent’s best practices for leadership in virtual teams

The words of the day after: Risks

While tomorrow’s world will have to prioritize the treatment of causes – vaccine,...

COVID-19: Picking up the pace on the transformation of work

Remote working, online learning, intrepreneurship, job sharing: what we used to call “the...

A reading list from the Capgemini Research Institute – Issue 4

The fourth edition of our reading/podcast list from the Capgemini Research Institute is here,...

A reading list from the Capgemini Research Institute – Issue 5

Here is the fifth edition of our reading list from the Capgemini Research Institute for those...

Trust, the foundation of the “world thereafter”

The way the epidemic has been managed and how we will come out of the crisis forewarns of a...


#Reset helps us envision what the future will look like, inspires us to imagine new...

COVID-19 and the supply chain

Until the world emerges from the pandemic, we won’t know what supply chain implications will...

The words of the day after, “digital sovereignty”

The only real link between 5G and the response to COVID belies in the term “sovereignty”

Changing HR helpdesk trends under COVID-19

HR helpdesk trends are a great place to observe human behavior in the workplace as the events...

Effective contract management in the light of COVID-19

Despite the fact that the majority of large contracts provide for force majeure and business...

How to facilitate collaboration in a virtual team

Virtual collaboration is becoming more and more essential. To make a success of it,...

Inventing the words of the day after

We wanted to start a series of reflection, not on the words of the moment, but on those of...

Data-driven approaches to managing people

How productive are your people today? Are they coping with working from home during the...

Synchronizing the Company with the Individual

The times we are experiencing are shifting our perspectives and revealing unexpected truths....

Car sales in crisis: A rocky road for manufacturers and dealers

The automotive industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But what effect is this...

Energy & Utilities: Operating in the “new normal”

Key considerations for mitigating risk and seizing opportunity in a post-crisis world

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