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Client Story

HERO McCann empowers its team for more proactive project management

Client: HERO McCann
Region: New Zealand
Industry: Advertising and marketing

In partnership with Capgemini, HERO McCann deploys SAP ERP to achieve more proactive project management and employee engagement

Client challenge: HERO McCann needed to upgrade its reactive project management style to a fully managed model to support increasingly fast-paced creative projects

Solution: Capgemini* helped HERO McCann to transform its business operations into more proactive project management with access to better data analysis


  • Transitioned from reactive to proactive project management
  • Gained more control over data analysis for better decision-making
  • Reduced reliance on expert technical IT support for day-to-day system use

HERO McCann integrates new systems for increased adaptability

HERO McCann is an award-winning creative advertising agency with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, and an independent affiliate business partner of the McCann Worldgroup network. HERO McCann faced a growing need to transition its reactive project management style to a more proactive project management approach in order to better support increasingly fast-paced creative projects. Without a fully-managed model in place, HERO McCann would need to compromise on real-time information and project management by relying on time-consuming manual analysis and extraction of data from multiple data sources.

The HERO McCann team decided to move towards a more integrated, fully managed system that could accommodate its existing financial processes and meet current and future business objectives without needing expert IT skill sets to maintain on-premises or privately hosted systems. To empower its management team and achieve access to better data analysis, HERO McCann engaged Capgemini*, an SAP global partner, to oversee the implementation of SAP ERP and transform its business operations in support of more proactive project management.

Upgrading data analysis for better business decision-making

After going to market with a request for proposal (RFP), the HERO McCann team selected the SAP ERP system, as it was the best fit for its current and future needs and met its business requirements in terms of consolidating multiple data sources. The HERO McCann team selected Capgemini as the ideal implementation partner for the SAP ERP deployment due to the Capgemini team’s in-depth knowledge of the system.

The SAP ERP implementation has helped HERO McCann team members gain more real-time project information when they need it instead of analysing business performance after month-end, leading to more proactive decision-making across the team. In addition to helping HERO McCann meet both its business and financial requirements, the new software rollout across the organization’s Australian operations engaged employees more with the system and resulted in an increase in users since its implementation.

Transitioning the business from reactive to proactive management

By deploying SAP across HERO McCann’s operations, Capgemini gave the team more control over its data extraction and analysis. With a user-friendly, intuitive system, HERO McCann transformed its operations from reactive management to proactive management, leading to better, more informed business decision-making, and the ability to quickly adapt to project requirements.

With less of a reliance on technical IT knowledge, business subject matter experts can quickly and easily create reports from data sets when they need them. As a result of the implementation, HERO McCann transformed its business operations and integrated a system that put the business back in control of the front-end, while SAP manages its back-end technical requirements.

Since implementing the SAP ERP system, HERO McCann has experienced a high level of enthusiasm and engagement from its staff for the new system, with an increasing number of users logging in over time. The HERO McCann team’s immediate focus is to enhance training and business change management to empower users with the new system.

* This project was executed by Acclimation in October 2020 and Capgemini continues to be engaged as a partner through to the present.
Acclimation was acquired by Capgemini in July 2021. For more details on the acquisition, please find the link to the release here.