Saving Lives with the World Food Program

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[Capgemini wins an initial contract with the World Food Program worth €5.5 million.]

As the United Nations’ frontline agency in the fight against global hunger, the World Food Program (WFP) requires high-quality IT solutions and an effective business model. Capgemini has been selected from a pool of 8 global competitors for an initial €5.5 million contract to support WFP’s work in underdeveloped nations with severe food shortages.

Headquartered in Rome, WFP is the world’s largest food aid agency. With 10,520 employees in 82 countries, WFP distributes 4.2 million tons of food to 97 million of the world’s poorest people every year.

Drawing on resources from Italy, the Netherlands and India, the 100-strong WFP-Capgemini joint delivery team will oversee data migration, as well as project and change management. Through collaboration with Capgemini, WFP will streamline its critical business functions, including food distribution and fundraising.

This initial win is just the first step in a partnership that will see Capgemini supporting WFP’s implementation of a new business model. These changes will help WFP improve control over and access to real-time information in order to boost efficiency and, ultimately, save more lives.