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Viva technology | 22-25 May

Once again this year, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be taking part in Viva Technology, from 22 to 25 May, at the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles!

Get ready for the 8th edition of Viva Technology, The largest European event dedicated to new technologies! Our presence highlights our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation, a mission that transcends borders and inspires change on a global scale.

Capgemini Booth | Hall 1 – Booth D25

Our booth, located in Hall 1, will be the focal point of our presence. It will be a place of exchange and sharing where we will welcome our customers, partners, promising start-ups and emerging talents. Come and discover our latest technological innovations and explore with us the infinite possibilities they offer for shaping a better future.

We are proud to contribute to this innovative vision, which places innovation at the service of social, environmental, economic and human issues. Join us on this exciting adventure as we work together to shape the world of tomorrow!

INTELLIGENCE, meet impact.

Discover our 3 fundamental pillars

Generative AI is emerging as the key transformation driver for organisations that skilfully integrate data with artificial intelligence to explore innovative approaches to the way they work, produce, consume and communicate.
Our expertise helps organizations create value through the widespread and secure adoption of generative AI.

We champion a mindset that extends from business to consumer or business to business, to a journey from business to planet.

This transformative journey integrates environmental technologies and innovations to reduce impact on the planet and unlock sustainable opportunities.

We understand the importance of innovation and its role in driving sustainable business.
We mobilise technology, methodologies and services and our network of B2B start-ups to deliver value and enable organisations to unlock the potential of technology for a better future.

Our demos

On our booth, Hall 1 – D25

Get to know our environmentally friendly, lightweight, and compact 1-seater TT 4×4 planter with a hybrid electric-hydrogen powertrain.  It can plant about 1500 plants in one day covering roughly an area of one hectare. It has a range of 30-40 km. The vehicle returns every evening to recharge and, the next morning heads back to the woods with seedlings from the local forest nurseries.

  • Our expert: Thomas Boudeville, Project Manager Program Management Office, Capgemini Engineering
Experience the future of sports through this immersive exhibition, inviting visitors to reconsider their relationship with sports and life. Through design and foresight, the demo explores environmental and societal issues in sports-related spaces, products, experiences, and uses. Let’s dive into 2050!

  • Our experts: Audrey Koné, Communications Manager, frog, part of Capgemini Invent & Julien Giffard, Vice-President, Head of Strategy & Transformation capability, frog, part of Capgemini Invent
The demo is a powerful & easy-to-use simulator that combines thermal simulations & AI to assess solutions to urban heat islands by integrating green spaces in cities. SIM City for Climate is at the heart of a new sustainability offer for climate change adaptation. The demo simulates and illustrates the potential of greening solutions that help industries and cities tackle heat islands.

  • Our expert: Sylvain Raynal, R&I coordinator for co-funded projects, Capgemini Engineering
Discover how a mobile app can monitor concentration, workload, vigilance, and stress using EEG sensors during online courses or tasks. NeuroCoach employs Machine Learning and Deep Learning to analyze brain signals, offering real-time feedback to enhance learning and self-awareness. This enables personalized, interactive learning experiences adaptable to any context.

  • Our experts: Nicolai Wolpert, Neuroscientist, Data Scientist, Capgemini Engineering & Dennis Wobrock, Data & AI Engineer, Capgemini Engineering
VisionCheck is a mobile machine vision tool that works on smartphones. It combines the advantages and features of an industrial vision cell with the convenience of a smartphone. The platform can assist in training, quality control, and maintenance.

  • Our expert: Frank Ben Zaquin, Solution Architect, Computer Vision & AI, Capgemini Engineering
See how a mobile app solution and a web platform help farmers implement agricultural best practices. TerrAI is a decision-support platform that gathers and analyses data, applying computer vision and AI to photos to determine soil health. The tool is free for farmers but profitable for buyers of agricultural products in the value chain.

  • Our expert: Yann Jehanneuf, Director of Rennes Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini
Embark on a journey through diverse use cases, showcasing the versatility of Gen AI across a range of industries

Find out more about the start-ups working with us:

Meet our leader

Pascal Brier

Group Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini
Pascal Brier was appointed Group Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee on January 1st, 2021. Pascal oversees Technology, Innovation and Ventures for the Group in this position. Pascal holds a Masters degree from EDHEC and was voted “EDHEC of the Year” in 2017.