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Reuters global energy transition 2023

June 7-8, 2023 I New York City

Join 750+ executive decision-makers to re-construct the energy transition at Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023. Together, we will unite energy, industrial, and government world leaders to redefine intersectoral net-zero discourse and confront the most business-critical industry challenges, collectively.

Staying Flexible: Balancing the Grid & Generating Demand-Response Systems

June 07, 2023 / 2:30pm EDT

In an exclusive closed-door session, harnessing results from the world’s first demand-response trial, transformation experts Capgemini will host an interactive workshop around practical steps to generating demand-response systems, focusing on the full value chain and maximising the role of the customer in delivering a net-zero grid.

Join us and explore:

  • The role your business should play in an efficient, demand-sensitive grid of the future, to maximise sustainable growth and enhance your long-term strategic planning
  • Pathways to building a collaborative demand-response system, and the importance of considering the full value chain, to give you actionable, ready-to-deploy insights
  • How to keep your customer at the centre of your decision-making, and their evolving role on the grid, to refresh your customer relations strategy

Meet our experts

Mike Lewis

VP Global Leader Energy Transition
He is the lead of Capgemini’s Energy Transition business globally. He is responsible for our client’s success in their move to low carbon energy – both the products and services our clients bring to market, and how their own company transition to low carbon, sustainable business practices.

James Forrest

Group Industry Leader for Energy Transition and Utilities at Capgemini
I lead in helping global clients with major business transformations involving smart grid, IoT, the reform of gas and electricity markets, major software and infrastructure changes, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive significant business performance improvement.

Peter King

Global Energy and Utilities Lead, Capgemini Invent
I focus on driving transformation by working with my clients to define new ways of working, new operating models and the transformation programs that will deliver change.