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Be Inspired! Luxury brands shape the Immersive Experience. 

Enabling the next generation and omnichannel strategy of immersive experiences and web 3.0.

The word ‘luxury’ resonates with superior performance, exclusivity, innovation. Luxury brands are built on these premises and as such some might say they are held to a higher standard. Their clients demand the best and are willing to pay for it – and this includes the best experience; be it physical or digital.

The majority of luxury brands have thrived in their digital transformation, defending their values and uniqueness while evolving to meet the needs of their customers. They have adopted omnichannel best practices while maintaining a high-end experience. They have demonstrated to the rest of the industry how to truly recognize a customer, engage them across channels, and celebrate them in order to increase lifetime value.

Join us at NRF in New York for an exclusive Cocktail Reception on Monday, January 16th, from 4.00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m (ET) at The Capgemini Lounge, Hudson Mercantile, 500 West 36th Street, New York City, USA.

Whether you are a luxury brand or a brand looking to take the next step in Immersive Commerce, join us to talk more about what’s next for luxury brands, and what we can learn from them. What new customer experiences should brands be ready for? How can they engage with communities better? How can they onboard each and every customer? How can they democratize NFT access?

Web 3.0 and Immersive Experiences have the potential to radically transform how your customers interact with your brand, products, and systems. Ordinary is not enough. We look forward to welcoming you for a relaxed session on a topic you are passionate and excited about.


Time (ET)Session details
4:00 PM – 4:15 PMRegistration & cocktails
4:15 PM – 4:25 PMIntroduction & context setting by 
Charlton Monsanto, Immersive Experiences Global Offer Leader, Capgemini
4:25 PM – 4:55 PMPanel discussion by Panelists:
Andrew Cron, SVP, Chief Scientist, 84.51°
Mike Proulx, VP, Research Director, Forrester​
Mike Buob, Vice President of experience and innovation at Sogeti, part of Capgemini
Alexander Fleischer, Ecosystem Lead, Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini​
Xavière Tallent, Business strategist Europe at Capgemini (moderator)​
4:55PM – 5:15 PMSolution demo: Utilizing NFTs to drive customer action to physical event, online showrooms, and metaverse experiences by
Zouhir Oumedjkane, Head of Retail Innovation, Capgemini
Dheeren Vélu, Head of Innovation, AIE Australia  |  Web3 & NFT Stream Lead, Capgemini Metaverse Lab
5:15PM – 6:00 PMNetworking & optional demos

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Charlton Monsanto

Immersive Experiences Global Offer Leader
Charlton is a business leader with expertise in consulting, technology strategy and management, user experience strategy, business development, marketing, and sales. He works with clients globally to deliver exceptional client solutions and drive revenue growth – implementing traditional and new technologies. His passion is listening to clients, imagining and innovating a variety of solutions, and partnering to meet their unique challenges. His superpower is combining trends, empathy and design with technology best-practices to solve for the ever-evolving new normal in customer and employee engagement strategies.

Andrew Cron

SVP, Chief Scientist, 84.51°
As SVP, Chief Scientist, Andrew Cron is the Head of 84.51° Labs, whose mission is to accelerate transformational data science technology innovation across 84.51° and Kroger. Applications include enterprise scale pricing optimization, data and insights platforms, and AI driven personalization. Prior to joining 84.51°, Andrew was a data scientist across a broad array of industries including finance, retail, bioinformatics, and advertising. He specializes in creating cutting-edge AI solutions leveraging massive datasets through empowered, diverse teams focused on innovation and impact. Andrew has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of South Carolina, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, and a Ph.D in Statistical Science from Duke University, where he focused on advanced computational methods in massive data applications.

Mike Proulx

Forrester | VP, Research Director – CMO Practice
Mike leads Forrester’s CMO research team focused on the top issues and opportunities facing marketing executives — providing the vision and strategy today’s brands need to deliver on their expression of customer obsession. His team of industry analysts publishes research, delivers thought leadership, and conducts client advisories on cutting-edge topics related to marketing trends, consumer behavior, brand strategy, advertising, creativity, digital transformation, and the agency landscape.

Mike Buob

Vice President of experience and innovation at Sogeti, part of Capgemini
Mike Buob is VP of Experience & Innovation at Sogeti, part of Capgemini. He helps clients create impactful experiences for their customers and organizations with their transformation and innovation initiatives. Mike has a diverse background in technology, innovation and strategy, including Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Cognitive QA, IoT, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Digital Manufacturing, and Automation.

Xaviere Tallent

Business strategist Europe at Capgemini
“I’m a Digital Pioneer and I believe that successful digital transformation is contingent with data driven obsession. I understand that innovation and having an innovative mindset is critical for brands – yet it must make sense and drive excellence and value into the omnichannel experience. For over 15 years I have been helping enterprises with their digital commerce challenges – ensuring they increase their business performance and customer satisfaction. In this perspective, the quest for profitability is at the heart of our shared mission.”

Alexander Fleischer

Ecosystem Lead, Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini​
Alexander in his role entails connecting with startups, venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators in emerging technologies to find the most innovative ideas solving the global challenges that Capgemini’s corporate clients will face in the next decade. He also is an ambassador for technologies like VR, AR and AI within and outside Capgemini. In addition to that, Alex is spearheading the venture endeavors for Capgemini in North America to find the most innovative startup partners for Capgemini.

Zouhir Oumedjkane

Head of Retail Innovation
After more than 10 years in Data Science, Zouhir support our European Retail clients on structuring their innovation approach and the connection to the ecosystem of start-ups. Over the past few months, he has notably worked with different retailers on virtual store concepts, the reduction of food waste and the digitization of points of sale.

Dheeren Vélu

Head of Innovation, AIE Australia  |  Web3 & NFT Stream Lead, Capgemini Metaverse Lab
Dheeren Velu is an award winning leader in emerging technology, innovation, and digital transformation and is committed to helping organisations thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change. He is an Innovation expert & Web3 Strategist, with a deep background in implementing large scale AI and Cognitive solutions in his previous roles. His current area of focus is Web3 and its intersection with Metaverse and is working on bringing to life innovative concepts and business models that are underpinned by the decentralised capabilities like Smart Contracts, Tokens and NFT techniques.

    Capgemini and Adobe are jointly showcasing how first- and zero party data can be used for both offline and online personalization at scale. Meet us at NRF

    Booth #4813
    Javits Center, New York City, NYC
    Sunday, January 15 – Tuesday, January 17