Daimler AG honors sd&m as best IT key supplier

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[sd&m has been recognized by Daimler AG as the best key IT supplier in 2007.]

For the second year in a row, sd&m, Capgemini’s Munich-based subsidiary, has topped Daimler AG’s overall ranking of strategic IT suppliers. The ranking focuses on the implementation of Daimler’s Extended Enterprise philosophy of global, performance-oriented cooperation. Suppliers are for example rated on their project management capabilities, development expertise, ability to meet deadlines, fairness and contribution to performance optimization.

Kai Grambow, the sd&m AG management board member responsible for automotive clients, attributes this award to the company’s approach to the automobile industry: “Our customized IT solutions are based on comprehensive studies of the process chain to give our customers a crucial competitive edge.”

For over 12 years, sd&m has provided sales, logistics, production and engineering support to Daimler AG. This partnership has yielded such developments as the Global Ordering System for the worldwide processing of car orders at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

In addition to Daimler, sd&m provides software design and management solutions for such clients as BMW, Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom. A member of Capgemini’s global network, sd&m employs 1,400 people across Germany and Switzerland and reported revenues of 198 million euros in 2007.