Intelligent Products and Systems

A Component of Intelligent Industry

Intelligent Industry means products are now sources of data: smart, connected products and systems

 Exponential technology is revolutionizing products into intelligent, connected systems. The products solely composed of mechanical and electrical parts, today have transformed into complex systems with the combination of sensors, microprocessors, software and connectivity in myriad ways. These new intelligent products are reshaping the industry boundaries and ushering in a new era of business.

Any product can become smart: from a simple medical device like a glass pipette in a laboratory, to advanced aircraft engines. With added intelligence and connectivity across the vast industrial Internet of Things, smart products can unlock limitless possibilities: greater uptime, reduced costs and improved workforce efficiency, real-time feedback loops to enable continuous improvement – and especially new business and revenue models.

In short, Intelligent Industry will introduce a new era of hyper-personalized customer experiences through Intelligent Products and Systems.

Discover how Capgemini will help your business take advantage of what’s possible when everything is intelligent and powered by data.