Innovation & Lifecycle Management

Aerospace and defense manufacturers are under pressure to reduce development cycles and secure the industrial ramp-up of new programs. Our innovation and lifecycle management solutions enable secure, efficient collaboration with suppliers.

Supporting Collaboration across the Value Chain

Covering the entire product lifecycle, Capgemini’s vision of innovation and lifecycle management supports collaboration across the value chain.

We help A&D manufacturers work effectively with partners in extended enterprises. We also help manage deployment challenges, intellectual property enforcement and performance measurements of remote suppliers. Our solutions include:

  • Product lifecycle management consultancy
  • Transformation and complex program management
  • Business process alignment
  • End-to-end solution integration
  • Extended enterprise

Addressing the Full Product Lifecycle

Capgemini’s ILM solutions for aerospace and defense span the full product lifecycle, from idea to design, production, support and removal. We partner with PLM technology leaders, including Dassault Systems, Siemens and PTC.

Capgemini’s ILM approach fosters collaboration across a range of internal and external functions, including R&D, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, sales, marketing and service. Our phased approach involves:

  • Preparation: goal setting and requirements
  • Solution development: detailed analysis and design, development and customization, testing and acceptance
  • Implementation and rollout: readiness, pilots and deployment
  • Application management: delivery and transfer to the client

A Leader in ILM Transformation

A recognized leader in the deployment of major innovation and lifecycle management (ILM) programs, Capgemini is able to cover all aspects of transformation. We offer:

  • A&D business and functional knowledge
  • Technical expertise and architecture
  • Solution integration expertise

We have worked with the product lifecycle management (PLM) departments of most large A&D manufacturers. Capgemini helped a large commercial and military engine manufacturer build a new PLM solution that supports design, development and manufacturing of new jet engine programs. Our work reduced time-to-market for new engine generation and reduced development costs. We also helped the company improve communications and interaction with external partners.


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