Applied Innovation in Singapore

Apply innovation at speed and scale, safely and with certainty, and become proficient at...


Minimizing cloud vendor lock-in

Manage and mitigate the risks of being locked in to one cloud vendor.

Seamless Customer Engagement for Retail

Retail customer behaviour has fundamentally changed, driven by a number of technological,...


Get Rid of Unwelcome Guests

For digital enterprises, investment in protection and monitoring measures is not enough.


How to get ready for the GDPR

GDPR is coming into force, and organizations simply must be ready

HMRC advisers use robots to reduce call times by up to 40%

Capgemini is enabling the UK tax authority to improve efficiency with Robotic Process...


Telenor Connexion

Using the AWS Cloud, Capgemini enabled Telenor Connexion to offer its customers new insights...

Data Services for Data-driven Transformation

Capgemini is the one partner that puts you solidly in control of your data so you can...

Data-driven digital transformation

Capgemini Data Services has the breadth of offerings and the depth of experience to meet the...

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Begins with Infrastructure Automation

It’s ironic. Everyone sees how technologies are converging in the digital age. Everyone is...


How Capgemini Collaborates with Our Startup Ecosystem

Discover how our Applied Innovation Exchange supports innovation through interactions and...

Digital Manufacturing in Space

Discover how can real time 3D and Augmented Reality accelerate and secure the assembly of...


What’s Now: San Francisco

What’s Now: San Francisco is a monthly conversation stimulated by a local thought leader...

Georice, a big data platform for rice culture monitoring

Georice is a great example of spatial application: it’s a big data platform, using...

Digital Transformation

eGovernment Benchmark 2016

The eGovernment Benchmark 2016 report evaluates how EU countries are progressing with the...


Intelligent Protection for your Security Landscape

Our intelligence-driven Multi-tenant Managed SOC, powered by industry-leading SIEM technology...


Powering up against Cybercrime

The cost of cybercrime to business is now greater than ever—and it’s growing. But are...


The future of enterprise security is here

Managed SOC: Protecting your business against advanced attacks