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There is no planet B: Preserving global natural resources with a circular economy

A circular economy is the key to mitigating unsustainable resource consumption.

With a global population of 8 billion and ever increasing consumption, we are approaching unsustainable levels of resource utilization, pollution, and waste. Each year, we need 1.75 planets to meet our use of resources – clearly this is just not sustainable. Organizations and society need to increase their circularity in order to meet our planetary boundaries. 

Collectively, we must recognize the limits of our planet’s resources and undertake a profound shift in our mindsets and behaviors – a Circular Economy is a sustainable production and consumption model that focuses on maximizing the lifecycle of products and materials. 

Adopting a circular strategy will enable organizations to operate within these boundaries, build business resiliency and enable the planet’s self-regeneration. Importantly, organizations must understand the significance of maximizing product utilization and embracing product as a service. 

Download our Point of View – There is no Planet B – and learn why embracing circularity is the definitive business model for sustainable success.