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Data and AI

Shape your Net Zero ambitions into a universal, sustainable future by putting your carbon accounting to work NOW! 

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on mitigation highlights how humanity now faces its last chance to take drastic and transformative action to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, outlining affirmative action that can be taken to secure a viable future for us all. But as the third IPCC report makes clear, although time is limited, it’s never been more possible to act now. 

The need for action is crucial. We have no choice but to act now to reduce emissions to secure a viable future for people and the planet.  

Achieve sustainability through data mastery

To enable real change, and to establish crucial sustainability performance and transparency, you need to achieve data mastery because data alone is not enough. Data mastery is about achieving data source transparency; universal accessibility; alignment of data sources; control of human error; clear ownership criteria; and sensitivity to growing demand.

Data is an essential lever to gain resilience and reduce climate and business risk. By orchestrating data intelligence you’ll be able to measure, improve, and then anticipate adjusting your plans accordingly. By steering the progress of your actions, you’ll reduce your impact, and gain insights on where to act next

Data for Net Zero seamlessly utilizes net zero intelligence to build resilience, reducing climate and business risk. It enables you to make the best of your data to secure your net zero transformations, exploiting net zero intelligence to monitor and report on your ESG commitments, achieving transparency and accountability to reach sustainability maturity.