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Moving to an autonomous supply chain

A research paper and essential guide for manufacturing and CPG firms by NelsonHall

Supply chains today are under pressure like never before, with a more volatile and complex global trade environment putting pressure on business leaders to move to more autonomous supply chains.

This paper by NelsonHall identifies the challenges in supply chain transformation and the benefits organizations are looking for from the implementation of an autonomous supply chain.

Based on interviews with 50 supply chain leaders in major enterprises across North America, the UK, and Europe, this paper aims to assist supply chain leaders in major manufacturing and CPG enterprises in understanding and benchmarking their supply chain issues and approaches to supply chain transformation.

Some of the key takeaways from the report, include:

More than 70% of supply chain leaders understand the need to develop agility and resilience in the supply chain to help meet rising customer expectations.

Over 60% of supply chain leaders view automation and digitization to be critical to transitioning to an autonomous supply chain

Over 90% of supply chain leaders understand that implementing an autonomous supply chain can lead to improved supply chain resilience and flexibility, smoother fulfillment, and optimized inventory and logistics

94% of supply chain leaders understand that end-to-end standardization and integration of the supply chain is critical to establishing reliable, consistent, and real-time sources of supply chain information.