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Digital core

Mission possible: propelling rapid transformation at scale

How insurers can unlock new capabilities and long-term business value with a digital core ecosystem

Insurers today want to evaluate and purchase products and services digitally. They also desire more agile and nimble policies to meet their diversified needs — and they’re not afraid to shop around to make sure they get it.

That’s why ad-hoc and one-off digital transformation initiatives won’t suffice. Legacy insurers need to need to embrace full, digital-forward business strategies to navigate this new terrain.

Leading insurers can continue to lead only when they can successfully broaden and diversify their products and services, ultimately aligning to meet the everchanging needs of their customers.

And that’s only possible with a modern digital core ecosystem.  

By understanding the stage of digital transformation your business is in and laying the groundwork with a true detailed strategy that mirrors your business’ change management capabilities, will help frame your lens through which all transformation will happen.

Read on to learn more about how you can harness the power of digital across the insurance value chain to unlock new capabilities and achieve long-term business value.

Meet our experts

Pradeep Singh

Global Head, Insurance Digital Core Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
Pradeep is helping insurance companies to broaden and diversify their products and enabling them to access new growth opportunities, create compelling customer experience with digital core.

Adam Denninger

Global Industry Leader, Insurance
Adam Denninger leads Capgemini’s global strategy and product management for the insurance industry and manages its relationships with the insurance technology ecosystem. Adam has 20+ years of experience creating and delivering solutions at the intersection of business and technology.

Kiran Boosam

Vice President, Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
Kiran leads the global insurance strategy and portfolio for Capgemini Financial Services. A P&C and life insurance expert, he assesses industry dynamics and shapes innovative solutions for the Insurance CXOs, leveraging the power of the Capgemini Group, external ecosystems, and emerging technology.

Matt Herson

Vice President, Head of Core Insurance Transformation

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