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Making the case for video edge in the connected car

Video cameras in the connected car are becoming a mainstream technology providing safety-related services for both drivers and passengers. Forward, reverse, 360-degree view, split views, blind-spot monitoring, lane monitoring, night view and other features are increasingly becoming standard options in new cars. They are also an exciting source of differentiation.

All of this means that the next-generation e-cockpit platform in the car network will be a connectivity hub in the connected car. It will interface with multiple cameras along with 4G, 5G, and V-2-X networks and can make quick decisions based on the local data processing to avoid major accidents.

This white paper focuses on video safety and security features in the connected car. It covers the critical use cases and scenarios being evaluated by OEMs, the emerging hardware platforms to support these use cases and scenarios, the challenges that need to be overcome and presents options to do this.