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Inspiring the next generation of data and AI talent to shape the world of tomorrow.

Changing the world with AI

Millions of talents are still deprived of opportunities to build their skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in particular. Gender, cultural and social inequalities are more pronounced in disruptive tech skills required in emerging fields like AI and robotics. While AI is shaping the world, we need to think about who will shape AI.

We strongly believe that diverse and inclusive teams lead to a more inclusive tech design, drive fairness in AI systems, and reduce algorithmic biases. And as a global IT services organization, we are fully engaged in this cause, and are actively contributing to fostering diversity of minds in data and AI to prevent bias.

Continuing to partner with teens in AI to empower the next-generation of data and AI talent

Empowering our talent to help contribute to our mission for an inclusive future in data and AI is a key focus. That ‘s why we are proud to be a Platinum Partner for Teens In AI, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspire teens to explore a future in tech and AI through collaborative, hands-on learning experiences.

Teens in AI aims to give young people early exposure to AI being developed and deployed for social good. We partner with Teens in AI by providing mentors, judges, and insights to the participating teams across the world.

“Diversity in AI should not be a number to be reached. It is way more than a matter of fundamental equity; it is also a powerful lever of value creation. The entire underrepresented population must be part of the change that AI is creating. And this starts from a very early age. By partnering with Teens in AI, we aim to create this positive impact and ensure that AI is in the hands of everybody,”

Anne-Laure Thibaud, EVP, Data & AI Group Offer Leader.

“The disparities relating to diversity and representation within the AI and tech industries need to be addressed to ensure that the future of these industries is representative of the people who use them and does not perpetuate the biases we still see today. This is why our goal is to bring the skills to teens from all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders early on. There is no better time than right now to #EmbraceEquity.”

Elena Sinel, Teens in AI CEO.

Inspiration Week

In February 2023, our leaders participated in a week of inspirational talks about Gender Equality, Quality Education and Good Health & Wellbeing, and more. They shared both professional and personal stories, giving the teens an opportunity to gain insights on career possibilities in tech and AI industry.

  • Quality Education
    Pierre-Adrien Hanania,
     Global Offer Leader Data & AI in Public Sector led the discussion on how technology can help achieve quality in education and how AI can be used to protect students against discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, or economic status.
  • Career Inspiration 
    Joanne Peplow, Director Insights & Data – AI & Analytics Team Lead 
    focused on future careers in AI, talking about trends, opportunities, and challenges, while diving into the various roles in her own career path that have led her into the world of AI. 

IWD Virtual Panel & Networking

Roosa Säntti – Head of Insights & Data Finland is one of the panelists of a virtual networking event.

Global Demo Day

Aruna Pattam, Head of AI, Analytics and Data Science, I&D APAC, joined the final round of presentations of the winning teams from the various regions and closed off the IWD2023 Global Hackathon as a guest speaker.

The event was livestreamed giving an opportunity to supporters across the world to see the projects built by the young innovators. 


Data & AI for Financial Services Lead NL, I&D

Danny Paul

Enterprise Data Management Consultant, I&D

Fella Benaziza

Business Analyst/Innovation Lead, I&D

Product Owner/Business Analyst, I&D

Roosa Säntti

Head of Insights & Data Finland

Sravan Kumar Borra

Software Engineer Lead, I&D


Francisco Javier Monzonis Lucas

AI Analytics & Data Science Head
(Judge at the Local Hackathon – Paris, France).

Fella Benaziza

Innovation Lead / Business Analyst
(Judge at the Global Virtual Semi-final).

Guillaume Gérard

Head of AI, DS & Analytics
(Judge at the Global Semi-final).

Dinand Tinholt

Vice President Insights & Data
(Judge at the Global Demo Day Final).

Guest Speakers

Pierre-Adrien Hanania

Global Offer Leader Data & AI in PS
(Speaker at the Inspiration Week)

Joanne Peplow

Director I&D, AI and Analytics Team Lead
(Speaker at the Inspiration Week)

Roosa Säntti

Head of Insights & Data
(Speaker at the IWD Virtual Panel & Networking)

Aruna Pattam

Head of AI, Analytics and Data Science, Insights & Data, Capgemini APAC
(Closing speaker at the Global Demo Day Final)

2022 Platinum Partnership & Global Hackathon

We also participated in the International Women’s Day 2022 Global Hackathon (#IWDHack2022), an initiative that aligns with our goal to educate next-generation talent. The Hackathon focused on solving a real-world challenge using AI aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Opening keynote speakers for the virtual panel which took place on Tuesday, 8th March, 2022:

Padmashree Shagrithaya

Head of AI, Analytics & Data Science, Capgemini 

Anne-Laure Thieullent

Data and AI Group Offer Leader, Capgemini

Rajashree Das

Chief Architect (Insights & Data), Custodian of “Women in Delivery” for Global Architecture Community, Capgemini

In August 2022, Teens in AI welcomed teens aged 12-18 to the ‘AI4Good Incubator’, where participants tackled a real-life problem inspired by the UN’s Social Development GoalsThe participating teens had to come up with solutions, while learning lean startup methods, coding, and the principles of responsible AI – all in one intensive week-long program.

Capgemini proposed for the #AI4Good Incubator hackathon the following question: “How might we help the citizens have a better knowledge of the carbon footprint of the brands they are consuming?”

Watch the finalists and their presentations on Demo Day:


Vincent de Montalivet Global AI Sustainability Leader at Capgemini

Vincent was a judge and speaker at the Virtual Global Demo Day – Final.

Pierre-Adrien Hanania  Global Offer Leader – Data & AI in Public Sector at Capgemini

Pierre-Adrien was a judge at the Virtual Global Demo Day – Final.


Sravan Kumar Borra

ML Engineer at Capgemini

Sandeep Sharma

Lead Data Scientist at Capgemini

Roosa Säntti

Head of Insights & Data Finland at Capgemini

Kathiravan Manoharan

Regional Leader at Capgemini

Arti Nokhai

Data & AI for Financial Services Lead NL

Arijit Das

Director Data Sciences and Artifical Intelligence at Capgemini

Daniel Kühlwein

Managing Data Scientist, Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence, PhD.

Pierre-Adrien Hanania

Global Offer Leader – Data & AI in Public Sector at Capgemini

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