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Circular economy

Waste not, want not. It’s the circular economy. How can you ensure a circular economy model is good for your business as well as the planet?

Is your organization going round in circles? If not, why not? The circular economy is more than just a buzzword. It’s a doctrine for a sustainable future, and one that more and more businesses are adopting.

Join Capgemini’s Courtney Holm and Lindsey Mazza, along with special guest Jon Khoo from Interface, as they explore circularity and its role in safeguarding the planet with show host Liz Lugnier.

027: Circular Economy Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

Waste is a huge problem. For example, one stat tells us that 85% of textiles thrown away in the US ends up in landfill or is burned. And what happens to that old sofa when you’ve finished with it? Chances are it goes to the tip. But what if manufacturers and retailers could find a way to re-use the material in those clothes and that sofa? Perhaps use recycled material in their products? Or educate consumers on the value of circularity and make it easy for them to recycle?

Hear why consumers need to change their behavior around overconsumption. Find out how carpet manufacturer Interface tackled the issue of waste and why the supply chain can be part of the solution. And what role will regulation play in shaping a circular economy?

Tune in to our podcast for answers and further insight.