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Planning-as-a-Service – drive efficient, customer-focused supply chain operations

Sreekanth Patcha
Jun 13, 2024

The partnership between Capgemini and Kinaxis represents an opportunity to deliver enhanced supply chain planning and decision-making without sacrificing speed and agility.

It’s no secret that years of technological advancements and rising supply chain complexity have increased expectations for planners in terms of output, timeliness, and accuracy.

While the best supply chain planning software offers AI-powered insights, cross-function visibility and collaboration, and agility in inventory purchasing and shipments to enable fast, informed, collaborative decision-making – it’s rare for a company to have sufficient internal resources to manage their end-to-end supply chain.

Even with the best software, having the right talent to make decisions based on insights garnered from the technology can be a challenge. Companies are turning to third-party service providers to augment their in-house talent and ensure the best supply chain decisions are being made without sacrificing speed and agility.

Driving enhanced supply chain planning and decision-making

To meet these challenges, Capgemini has partnered with Kinaxis to create “Planning-as-a-Service.” Through this partnership, our joint clients can achieve implementation acceleration, rapid transformation, GenAI-enabled collaboration across the business and IT, as well as improved supply chain centralization, standardization, and visibility, to enable sustainable business outcomes, enhanced value, and continuous innovation.

This new service combines Kinaxis’s comprehensive business planning technology with Capgemini’s proven expertise in service delivery to integrate business planning processes, and drive enhanced, operationally efficient, and customer-focused supply chain operations. This includes:

  • Strategic planning – including the design of target operating models and development of business cases to support transformation efforts
  • Technical implementation – showcasing successful past implementations, handling current technical deployment to ensure smooth transition, and running processes post implementation to accelerate value
  • Best-in-class planning platform – optimizing daily operations through Kinaxis’s leading end-to-end supply chain planning platform and solutions.

These three components work together to continuously innovate and transform the entire supply chain, driving sustainable business growth, enhanced business outcomes and value, and continuous innovation for our clients.

The partnership also leverages Capgemini’s Connected Enterprise – a business transformation approach that seamlessly orchestrates an intelligent, connected ecosystem of people, processes, data, and technology with AI, analytics, and GenAI at its heart, and Kinaxis’s advanced technology to improve data visibility across the supply chain.

Delivering efficient and effective supply chain operations

Kinaxis and Capgemini for Planning-as-a-Service delivers a range benefits for clients, including improved inventory management and inventory level control, more efficient use of assets to boost productivity, and more enhanced forecasting accuracy to better match supply with demand.

This can result in a wide range of tangible outcomes, including:

  • Faster achievement of business outcomes, with improvements delivered 12–24 months sooner through the adoption of new technology
  • Improved deployment efficiency with 30–50% reduction in the time needed to implement changes
  • Preparing operations for future advancements in AI to enhance long-term sustainability
  • Decreased risk through strategic collaboration and clear role definitions
  • Enhanced supply chain operations effectiveness through improved centralization, standardization, and transparency.

The partnership between Capgemini and Kinaxis represents a significant step in making supply chains more responsive and aligned with current business needs. By augmenting in-house talent with new technology, companies can drive enhanced supply chain planning and decision-making without sacrificing speed and agility.

To learn more about Capgemini and Kinaxis’s Planning-as-a-Service can drive efficient, customer-focused supply chain planning and decision-making, contact:

This article is co-authored by Conrad Mandala, EVP, GTM & Strategic Operations, at Kinaxis.

Meet our expert

Sreekanth Patcha

Global Head – Intelligent Supply Chain Technologies, Capgemini
Sreekanth brings 25 years of experience in supply chain design, integrated business planning and program management. Before joining Capgemini, he worked at Alcatel-Lucent, Accenture and Aline where he successfully incubated large supply chain practices and executed multi-year supply chain roadmaps for various clients using Kinaxis, Blue Yonder, Anaplan, E2Open etc. Sreekanth has a master’s degree in computer science from Boston University.