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Ivalua and Kinaxis – the technology behind intelligent supply chain operations

3 Aug 2022

Innovation Nation talks to Capgemini’s Luis Rios and Sreekanth Patcha about how Ivalua and Kinaxis deliver value to our clients’ intelligent supply chain management operations through the technology they provide.

Innovation Nation: Hello Luis, Sreekanth. Thank you for joining me to talk how Capgemini’s technology partnerships with Ivalua and Kinaxis drive value into our clients’ supply chain operations. Luis, let’s start with you. What role does Ivalua play in helping our clients implement intelligent supply chain operations?

Luis Rios: Ivalua is a market-leading provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, and provides a single platform where businesses can address all their spending and transformation needs.

Ivalua empowers organizations to transform faster and achieve quick wins, through supporting spend and supplier management in ways that businesses can build from the ground up. In the face of increasingly complex marketplaces, controlling spend during supply chain transformations is critical, as many organizations are currently looking for ways to improve profitability, and give their employees the consumer-like purchasing experience they expect. Therefore, how companies allocate spending and resources can transform their businesses quickly and easily – enabling them to thrive, despite the challenges in the market today.

Capgemini has been one of Ivalua’s main partners for over 20 years. This means that we have experts with extensive experience in implementing intelligent supply chains and procurement solutions across a variety of industries, without any of the business disruptions that come with this.

How is Ivalua enabling our clients to efficiently manage their supplier relationships and expand?

Luis Rios: Recognized by the analysts as a leader in its field, Ivalua brings all spend under management a single, comprehensive source-to-pay platform. This gives organizations more rapid time-to-value capabilities and flexibility – enabling them to turn small projects into big ones through the additional modules and packages Ivalua offers.

Ivalua also provides rapid supplier enablement, which enables businesses to offer modern, unified user experiences to their customers with quick returns of investment. All this ensures Ivalua’s partners remain agile enough to handle any unique market requirements – resulting in some of the highest levels of supply enablement in the industry.

Finally, how does Ivalua engage our suppliers and drive better insights to help our clients make better, faster decisions?

Luis Rios: One of the key advantages of Ivalua’s source-to-pay solution is its ability to provide a 360-view of all supplier information and activity, which gives business complete control and visibility into their entire relationship lifecycle with any supplier. This helps better inform processes, addresses issues and risk quickly, drives innovation, and enables businesses to access quality data at speed.

From onboarding to registering on its portal for free, Ivalua provides organizations with the relevant qualifications, certifications, financials they need to better manage or engage with potential suppliers. This takes the guesswork out of choosing suppliers at this critical time in the market – enabling companies to choose the suppliers that suit their needs, while keeping supply chain technology front-and-center at every stage of the procurement process.

Sreekanth, now over to you and Kinaxis. How does Kinaxis drive intelligent supply chain operations for our clients?

Sreekanth Patcha: Kinaxis is a market-leading planning tool that provides crucial global supply chain information, all in one place. This gives organizations end-to-end visibility into their supply chains in real time, helping them to make informed, data-driven decisions that drives significant time and cost savings. This really enable organizations to “Know Sooner, Act Faster.”

Capgemini and Kinaxis’ relationship started over five years ago. In this role, Capgemini partnered with Kinaxis to broaden the solution offering by including complementary process and data integration technology elements. This approach enables Capgemini and Kinaxis to go to market together along with their core products and extensions.

How does Kinaxis combine human intelligence and technology to produce tangible value for our clients?

Sreekanth Patcha: Kinaxis revolutionizes supply chain operations for organizations by delivering the agility needed to make quick decisions in today’s fast-paced market. It combines human intelligence with AI, and its unique concurrent planning technique so that businesses can focus more on business-critical tasks – with minimal effort on their part. Kinaxis also provides easy collaboration between different experts in the process and so enables all the relevant human intelligence inputs into the process.

As a recognized Leader by Gartner over the last seven years, Kinaxis can get any organization’s intelligent supply chain operations up-and-running with advanced planning in as little as 12 weeks with proven results that truly make the supply chain frictionless.

Finally, how does Kinaxis engage our suppliers and drive better insights to help our clients make better, faster decisions?

Sreekanth Patcha: Like Capgemini, Kinaxis sees the value in helping organizations transition to the Frictionless Enterprise, as this eliminates redundancies and cultivates trust by giving businesses end-to-end visibility and transparency across their supply chain network.

In addition, Kinaxis helps build up resiliency before the next big, inevitable market disruption, while enabling organizations to seize any opportunity, as it also offers them the agility they need to adapt to any circumstance at any time.

Finally, Kinaxis leverages AI, machine learning, and prescriptive automation to maximize efficiency – ensuring every resource and employee is focusing on business-critical tasks that will increase revenue and effectiveness, 24/7.

In short, Kinaxis and Capgemini’s joint efforts towards building any business into a Frictionless Enterprise enables departments and team to work to better more efficiently and effectively, leading to better insights and decision making across the board.

Luis, Sreekanth, thank you both so much. It’s been a very insightful conversation.

About authors

Luis Rios

Global Sales Lead – Cognitive Procurement Services, Capgemini’s Business Services
Luis has extensive experience in technology, sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain, ERPs and business development.

Sreekanth Patcha

Global Head – Intelligent Supply Chain Technologies, Capgemini
Sreekanth brings 25 years of experience in supply chain design, integrated business planning and program management. Before joining Capgemini, he worked at Alcatel-Lucent, Accenture and Aline where he successfully incubated large supply chain practices and executed multi-year supply chain roadmaps for various clients using Kinaxis, Blue Yonder, Anaplan, E2Open etc. Sreekanth has a master’s degree in computer science from Boston University.

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