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HR and recruitment – the need for a mindset and culture that drives retention

Preeti Chopra
31 Jan 2023

Organizations need to develop initiatives that drive a dynamic, more innovative start-up culture – helping new joiners to really see the future they can create for themselves within the organization.

From candidate sourcing and interviewing to hiring and new joiner management, recruitment is a mandatory part of every business. It goes without saying that getting your recruitment strategy right is essential to business success.

Indeed, the most successful recruitment strategies depend on your business’s unique needs and the type of candidate you’re trying to hire. Taking a strategic approach to recruitment enables your recruitment teams to view hiring as a continuous process, rather than advertising a job and hoping they get the right applicants.

While campus recruitment strategies are a well-established practice, many organizations hire from universities and colleges to fill an immediate skills gap and get benefit from the cost arbitrage. However, the real challenge is how organizations can implement retention and succession planning strategies and programs that give the younger generation an opportunity to see themselves as the leaders of tomorrow, for example by creating real-life rags to riches stories from the campus to C-suite.

A recent report for Capgemini Research Institute (CRI) on states that a positive people experience encourages retention, with over 96% of employees who rate their experience as positive feel more engaged at work (meaning they feel motivated or energized to show up each day) and say they intend to stay at their current company for at least the next 12 months.

As HR professionals, we need to change the ingredients of our HR offer to make graduates and new joiners see the organization and their role within it as a catalyst for career development – helping them envisage the future they can create for themselves within the organization.

For their part, leadership need to focus investment on tapping into the appetite and ambition of Millennials and Generation Z for innovation, riding their innovation streak to create start-ups and new revenue streams – developing initiatives that drive a dynamic start-up culture and entrepreneurial mindset.

Indeed, Capgemini’s report states that, nearly half of all Gen Z employees – those aged 18 to 24 – say they have plans to leave their current organization within one year. And of those employees who are planning to leave their organizations within a year, 45% say that if their company had a more inclusive and diverse culture, it might help them change their mind about leaving.

At Capgemini, we live and breathe our brand platform: “Get the future you want.” It’s more than a tagline, and captures the spirit and energy of our people, conveying our optimistic vision of the future.

Read Capgemini’s full report “The people experience advantage” to learn how you can make life better for your people.


Preeti Chopra

Chief Human Resource Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services
Preeti Chopra helps develop a talent strategy that delivers technology-driven business operations for our clients – helping our people and clients get the future they want.