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Emotional intelligence made easy

EL Mehdi
06 Sep 2023

Capgemini’s Emotional Intelligence training program is enabling our people to discover the power of emotions, and how emotional intelligence can deliver increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, and lower attrition.

In a previous blog in this series, we looked at the benefits of a properly trained, emotionally intelligent workforce, and how it can lead to a happier workplace. In this blog, we look at how Capgemini’s unique emotional intelligence training program gives our workforce and organization:

  • The knowledge to discover the power of emotions
  • The basic level of EI needed to get results faster,
  • Concrete benefits in terms of higher productivity, higher job satisfaction, and lower attrition, among others.

Emotional intelligence – an essential skillset for the age of AI

Empathy is important for today’s employees. According to Capgemini’s own research , 74% of executives and 58% of non-supervisory employees believe EI is a “must-have” skill for all employees. Capgemini’s emotional intelligence training program aims to get our people up-to-speed when it comes to EI.

Before joining the program, participants undergo an EI assessment carried out across five key areas: self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy, and social awareness. This enables participants to learn more about EI, and gives them insight into how good their own EI skills are. Participants also learn more about how the program works, what they can expect, and receive weekly pre-session material curated through the NEXT platform – Capgemini’s internal learning platform.

The program consists of four workshops covering the main areas of EI, with the final session featuring a speaker who shares their own EI experiences and opens the floor to a general Q&A session. In these workshops participants learn how to:

  • Use EI effectively – shows participants how to understand and manage their emotions, and use their understanding of others’ feelings to interact effectively with their colleagues,
  • Enhance their EI – builds awareness of what comprises EI and deepens participants’ knowledge of how EI plays a role in client relationships and negotiations,
  • Sell by leveraging EI – highlights the role EI plays in the sales cycle,
  • Identify the links between emotion and stress – helps participants understand the relationship between emotion and stress.

All of these workshops also have a practical element that expose participants to simulated emotional situations, which aim to deepen participants understanding of EI and how it can be applied in real-world scenarios. These workshops are targeted towards all employees, regardless of discipline,with each workshop comprising of 30 participants.

Six to nine months after their emotional intelligence training, participants receive a second EI assessment. This second assessment gives participants insight into how emotionally intelligent they have become since starting the program. Of course, the increase in their skills here may also be impacted by changes in roles or environments over those last few months. However, the differences between the scores of these two assessments are always significantly better the second time around.

Discovering the power of EI

As mentioned before, Capgemini’s emotional intelligence training program provides our managers and their teams with more knowledge around the power of emotions, the basic level of EI needed to get results faster, and offers concrete benefits to our employees and organization in terms of higher productivity, higher job satisfaction, and lower attrition among others.

But don’t take our word for it – read what two of our participants said about the program:

“Being part of this training program taught me about emotional empathy and the ability to think before reacting. I strongly believe, as managers, we should drive empathy as part of our daily routine with our teams to create a better workplace, increase team bonding, and possibly even reduce attrition” – Renuka Ramanjinappa, Operations Manager.

“The program brought me tons of new knowledge on EI, after questions which made me challenge my beliefs and think of how my feelings can impact whoever is supporting me – whether they are my teams, family, or friends. This program was also a great opportunity to share experiences, and enlarge my network of colleagues across the globe” – Thomas Zimmer, Service Delivery Manager.

Award-winning HR

Capgemini understands this, which is why our Emotional Intelligent program recently earned a Silver Award in Brandon Hall’s HCM program, 2023. The positive impact the program has had on learners has helped our people understand the power of EI and how they can apply it effectively on a daily basis.

In conclusion, adapting best practices that focus on building EI, coupled with leveraging technology and data effectively, developing a more emotionally intelligent workforce is critical for every organization.

To learn more about Capgemini’s unique emotional intelligence training program, contact: or To learn more about the increasing importance and growing relevance of EI in the age of automation and AI, read Capgemini’s report entitled: “Emotional Intelligence – the essential skillset for the age of AI.”

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