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Capgemini’s Vision for A&D: Collaboration, meet Acceleration

Ian Hampson
Jun 26, 2024

As July approaches, our excitement is building for the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow (FIA). Once again, Capgemini eagerly anticipates participating in this premier event. With our longstanding involvement in the A&D industry, we view these airshows as invaluable opportunities to engage with clients, network with industry peers, and gain insight into the latest advancements shaping the future of the industry.

The headline for this year’s show is “the apex of aviation” which is a timely theme. The future may seem daunting to some as a myriad of challenges confront us, but we also have more tools and technologies than ever to tackle those challenges. This year’s airshow is an opportunity to assess where we are, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going.

The industry continues to emerge from the impact of the pandemic, faced with ongoing issues impacting production and supply chains. In addition, there are increasing environmental and regulatory pressures to address. Thankfully, with challenges come opportunities. FIA allows the industry to come together and share knowledge, best practices, and innovations that can help A&D leaders shape the future as a community.

As we thought about our presence this year, we recognized that collaboration is at the heart of how we engage with our clients. Through collaboration, we can ideate, brainstorm, share best practices, and look for collective solutions. We can even debate and compete, allowing for standards to be set and surpassed. Collaboration accelerates innovation, leading all of us within the industry to strive for solutions of the highest of standards that benefit our collective future.

We recognize that organizations need to innovate and collaborate to remain competitive in today’s complex ecosystem. We need to deliver cheaper, faster, and more sustainably. At FIA, we will be focused on six areas that we believe are the top priorities for today’s organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

Real intelligence drives artificial intelligence. Behind every AI system are the experts who design and refine the technology. It is only as effective as the people that power it and use it. Today’s organizations can benefit greatly from the power of AI but only when implemented ethically and securely.

Connected Aerospace and Defense

Connecting systems and programs for the transfer of data may seem intuitive, but it takes strategic thinking and collaboration across the business. Being “connected” means you are joined, attached, and united. It takes collective thinking to develop and implement a connected A&D strategy. We help enable seamless connections and facilitate the exchange of insights among people and ecosystems, laying the groundwork for innovation and a successful strategy for the future. We also tap into our network of partners to identify technologies, from Cloud to AI to 5G, to deliver optimal solutions.

Digital Continuity in Aerospace and Defense

Organizations are looking to implement digital continuity principles to achieve a consistent process and a reliable source of data that can be shared across the organization. Unified data throughout the product, process, and resource lifecycle can trigger predictive and prescriptive services, giving organizations access to innovative and more flexible business models to conquer new markets. Digital continuity is not just a single process, however. It is an enterprise-wide transformation that requires communication and connectivity throughout the organization.

Net-Zero and Circular Economy

There has never been more urgency around sustainability for A&D than there is today. We work with organizations to identify the most pressing issues impacting the path to an effective sustainability strategy. We recognize all aspects can’t be addressed at once, so we focus on specific issues that are at the core of your sustainability strategy. Implementing even the smallest change can lead to a positive impact.

Production Ramp-Up and Supply Chain

Many industries continue to face supply chain issues post-pandemic, the A&D industry was probably hit the hardest. It has been a lesson in the critical role of the supply chain as a strategic asset. Our industry needs to accelerate production and synchronize the entire value chain due to unprecedented demand. An advanced supply chain architecture, what we call an ‘ intelligent supply chain’, can play a crucial role in meeting the increasing demand for aerospace and defense products while supporting ambitious environmental targets.


The industry is evolving at a rapid pace, not just technologies but the people who develop and implement them. Today’s talent, and especially tomorrow’s new hires, need to be vested in their careers and their organizations. That means providing the tools they need to be ready on day 1, and the learning and development needed to enhance the existing workforce. Technology doesn’t run companies, people do.

We exist in a time when we have access to the ingenuity, innovation, and technologies to transform operations, build resilience, and embrace new and creative ways of addressing A&D’s biggest challenges. At Capgemini, we’re able to help organizations collaborate internally by connecting strategy, with technology, and delivery.

Join us at FIA to start a conversation. You can find us in Booth 1211 (Hall 1, Pioneers of Change Zone) or Chalet C130. In the meantime, click here to learn more about our presence and follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on our presence and read insights from my colleagues. Through collaboration, we can accelerate towards an intelligent future that is connected and sustainable.

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Meet the authors

Lee Annecchino

Executive Vice President, Global Aerospace & Defense Leader
Lee has over 25 years of experience driving growth, innovation and revenue in a series of executive and leadership roles in the Aerospace industry. As Global Aerospace & Defense Leader at Capgemini, Lee is responsible for creating the global A&D industry strategy that drives a portfolio of capabilities and the ecosystem needed to address the evolving needs of the industry. Lee believes that data driven connected A&D ecosystems and resilient supply chains will drive efficiencies in the aerospace and defense industry.

Ian Hampson

Vice President, Head of Aerospace and Defense UK
Ian heads up Aerospace and Defense in the UK for the private sector, working in partnership with several major Aerospace and Defense organizations to achieve their business goals, whether this be through digital transformation, incremental change, or taking the strain of the day-to-day running. Ian has gained experience across multiple sectors leading major engagements with key clients and is passionate about building successful teams and relationships to deliver business value to our clients.