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Automating the recruitment interview process

March 5, 2021

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process is scheduling an interview. It’s also something that was thought to be impossible to automate. However, thanks to the dedicated minds at Capgemini, this was about to change.

Seizing an opportunity and making it happen

Arranging interviews is one of the most complicated processes faced by Capgemini’s recruitment teams. For each job listing, they received hundreds of emails requiring them to extract information and then coordinate interviews effectively and efficiently. Traditionally, this had to be performed manually and was time-consuming and labor-intensive. For starters, teams needed to find a suitable time slot for two interviewers, arrange a conference room, and then contact the candidate with the proposed date. However, 50% of the time, this time was rejected, which meant the process needed to begin again.

To help ease the process, Capgemini’s HR automation and robotic process automation (RPA) teams put their brains together to standardize and automate the entire interview process from the moment a CV arrived via email to after the final interview when the data was archived. Together, they developed, a tool that streamlines the entire process end to end – from matching multiple time slots for interviewers and interviewees to pre-booking rooms and managing everyone’s calendars without the need to enter any information manually.

Benefits abound

This flexible approach to the interview process delivers an enhanced experience for the recruitment administration, hiring managers, and candidates by decreasing the amount of rework required by the hiring team and providing candidates with different time slots to choose from. This, in turn, improves employer branding with potential hires, helping Capgemini attract the best candidates for any given role.

The tool also provides more stable and reliable data, improving the quality of reporting, data security, and management. Each candidate’s data is archived and stored in one place, lowering the risk of data loss, while a dashboard enables administrators to easily access, download, and monitor data.

In short, speeds up and centralizes the interview process, shortens the time-to-hire, and improves the quality of hired talent.

Recognized for its innovation

Brandon Hall Group, one of the most trusted names in business when it comes to research and analysis, has awarded with two different awards. The first is the Gold Award in Best Advance in Emerging Talent Technology. The second is the Bronze Award in Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology.

As you can imagine, at Capgemini we’re ecstatic about being part of a winning solution that helps create a more streamlined and efficient recruitment process.

To learn how Capgemini’s tool could help streamline your organization’s interview process, contact:

Learn more about how the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards recognizes organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the business world and achieved measurable results.

Małgorzata Praczyńska is the founder and manager of Capgemini’s HRInnHUB team. She specializes in finding automated solutions for a range of HR processes, including project and people management that provide significant cost benefits to clients.