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Automating complete transparency – and your future vision – across your organization

Jaap van Arragon
February 11, 2021

Why automation is the perfect matchmaker for a happily co-habiting business and IT

When we talk about fostering transparency across organizations and delivering a unified future vision, automation may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, automation holds immense potential when it comes to delivering visibility and unifying business and IT. Essentially, automation plays a dual role here – it enables us to provide more transparency around operations and improve our quality of delivery.

Automation helps to project exact budgets and status updates – with near real-time insights – from both cost and delivery perspectives. These might not be readily available to the CEO or stakeholders immediately. But automation makes this possible with the click of a button – so that you know where and how it is financially distributed and how it is being replaced. And the best part? It’s available to everyone. For example, we built ticket analysis and financial dashboards for several Public and CPRD clients. These dashboards help with:

  • Analyzing where we stand
  • Changing budgets, and
  • Determining how we deal with client budgets in relation to the work delivered.

In the Netherlands, we get a lot of requests with fixed budget attached to them. With these requests, it’s crucial to utilize the data available, in order to attain new insights and better adhere to these budgets. With one of our Public sector clients, we drastically lowered ticket volume, while also utilizing log data and brining insight into exactly where bottlenecks were occurring.

Transparency through Capgemini’s lens looks good

Operational transparency can fundamentally reshape the ways in which customers perceive and engage with the organizations that serve them. Just like we did for a retail client, in leveraging the power of Capgemini, we utilize our expertise to help clients with:

  • Finding their starting points and chalking out a roadmap for success with automation

The starting point is often a direct result of talking to our client about their recurring challenges. When the challenges are clear, we broaden our perspective by looking at current ticketing system data. From there, Capgemini analyzes this data and categorizes it on the basis of where we can derive the most benefit, where the bottlenecks are, all the most asked questions, or how can we bring their TCO down, and so on. By plotting this in a roadmap, everybody knows where the opportunities for applying automation are, along with a clear consensus on our common goals.

  • Starting small, achieving big, and partnering with clients all along the way

With our roadmap comes an assessment of the landscape to get more insight into the complexity of the client’s landscape and applications through our eAPM methodology. Capgemini’s eAPM (economic Application Portfolio Management) methodology addresses questions based on hard data, analytics, and best-practice benchmarks – rather than hunches or short-term budget constraints – so you can find a smarter path forward. It’s a ground-breaking solution that combines our proven portfolio assessment methodology with crisp graphical analysis and a dynamic decision-making tool. eAPM essentially empowers you to take control of your IT assets. So, in short, we conduct a quick assessment, check the IP, and then suggest actions to reduce the TCO quickly – sometimes as early as two-weeks.

Achieving business excellence through a hyper-efficient core IT

At ADMnext, the value we deliver to our clients is all about showing the broad expanse of possibilities that Capgemini can bring to their businesses – transparently. When it comes to innovation and business, you can never afford to be playing catch-up with ideas that are slow to materialize. To always stay one step ahead of competitors, the right innovation mindset is crucial. Our ADM services stack has a dedicated portfolio of services for a deep look into innovation – both outside-in and out – by bringing together all the expertise, best practices, and flexible solutions at our disposal here.

Aligned with this and combined with our actionable “Power of Zero” framework, Capgemini’s ADMnext moves Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) from an insurance-based function to an investment-focused, business value driver. ADMnext goes beyond reactive support, single-speed legacy application, and infrastructure estate change to transform your ADM and IT functions into valuable assets that are aligned with your business objectives to drive growth.

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