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Are we responsible?

Claudia Crummenerl
July 27, 2020

Our social responsibility

As a global organization, we have a great social responsibility. We want to use our resources carefully to act at a benefit for society. Therefore, we take action and create real social impact through our multidisciplinary expertise, for example in terms of environment protection or societal health improvement. Actively facing and tackling societal challenges is a journey we approach to shape our future world by bringing to life what’s next – for business and society.

A matter of our heart: Empowering Right To Play so they can empower children

As part of our society, many children suffer from the effects of war and poverty. They are confronted with the harsh realities of child labor, forced marriage, inequality and the fight for their rights. It is out of question that they need to be protected and we want to use our impact to empower them for a better future. But even more we want to be a part of improving children’s protection, strengthening their education, and fostering equal treatment.

To achieve this, we are a partner of Right To Play. This global organization has the purpose to approach children’s challenges through protection, education and empowerment. With more than 18.000 committed coaches and programs in 15 countries, the NGO teaches children knowledge and life skills while educating them about their rights. Through their work, children rise above adversity by using the power of play.

We believe in Right To Play’s exceptional impact on the life of the individuals who need protection most – children! Through our pro-bono collaboration, we contribute to Right To Play’s work.

Collaborating for child safety in a digital world

Our journey with the NGO started in 2017 with the “Social Connect Initiative”, working on innovative fundraising options for Right To Play. We continued our collaboration with the “Lighthouse Project” throughout 2018 and 2019. The focus was to strengthen Right To Play’s core – their culture. Jointly we

  • co-created a culture change roadmap with a defined vision and learning journeys
  • established a digital self-assessment to uncover individual development fields
  • provided digital learning solutions for key topics like gender equality and child safeguarding

This holistic approach to culture allowed Right To Play to increasingly advocate child safeguarding and gender equality while setting the base for digital learning.

Frontrunners? – Yes! Always one step ahead

In 2020 we are further developing our partnership with Right To Play through the “Frontrunner Project”. We invest into digital learning through the roll-out of a Learning Management System. This is accompanied by a culture change towards self-organized learning.  Further, we support the NGO in setting up remote learning and education opportunities which equip teachers and counsellors with skills addressing children’s psychosocial wellbeing.

The success of the culture change and learning transformation will be secured through the application of our New Change Deal principles:

  • Shared vision: With a meaningful vision, we guide members of Right To Play successfully through the transformation.
  • Swarming: During the change, we use the wisdom of the whole organization to effectively reach all members.
  • Prototyping: We rapidly create tangible solutions and continuously improve the added value.
  • Co-design: Through an early involvement of Right To Play in the process, we ensure a close link to the organization’s core activities.
  • Empowerment: We build on the potential of leadership and employees by providing resources, enablement and leeway.

Throughout the Frontrunner Project we build upon our strength of digital inclusion and change management to help the organization move one step further. This will be an important basis to continue empowering children in the world in the age of digital transformation.

Watch our video to get to know more about our collaboration and how we create social impact in the world. Please allow statistical cookies to see this Youtube embed

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Thanks to Annika Motzkus for her support in creating this article.

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Management Consultant

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