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sustainable products and services

Re-think product design for a sustainable growth.

To significantly reduce environmental emissions, companies must embrace disruption and revolutionize product design. The levers towards sustainability performance can be found along the entire value chain targeting material and energy efficiency, low impact materials as well as the application of circularity principles closing material loops. In the aera of resource scarcity the latter one not only reduces the environmental impact of products, but also strengthen business and resilience.

Product design towards sustainability requires the adoption of innovative design processes and tools, automating the collection and utilization of product lifecycle data, and leveraging scalable, sustainable technologies.

Our end-to-end approach helps companies integrate sustainability as a key driver in their product design processes and see positive impacts on their environmental performance, but also on business growth – all at speed and scale.

“Transitioning to sustainability-driven design and manufacturing of products can seem like a long, expensive and hence unfavorable undertaking. But implementing the right measures can help business to benefit in the long run.”

Dorothea Pohlmann, Business Lead – Sustainable products and services

Client stories

How can OEMs embrace circularity?

Clément Chenut, Circular Economy Expert, Group Sustainability Accelerator, Capgemini Invent, highlights an ocean of opportunities for OEMs in the circular economy. So far, most sustainability efforts have focused on the upstream end of the value chain: the provisioning of raw materials and battery production. But Clément is excited about untapped potential between end of use and recycling for vehicles.

Listen to the podcast

Much has already been said about what intelligent products can do for business; the question now is, how?  Nicolas Rousseau and Elisabet Svensson explore how intelligent products and services may benefit early adopters in the manufacturing industry.

Expert perspectives

Meet our experts

Dr. Dorothea Pohlmann

CTO Sustainability, Capgemini Engineering
With 15 years at Capgemini Engineering, Dorothea has applied her technical skills in business transformation and technology projects in automotive, manufacturing, e-mobility, energy and utilities sectors. More recently she has focused on sustainability-driven business with a specific expertise in Product Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) in the context of complex systems, wind energy and hydrogen. She is an active speaker at conferences and events on sustainability, and is passionate about the need for more sustainable-driven business impact. She holds a doctorate in laser physics.

Nicolas Rousseau

Chief digital and manufacturing officer, Capgemini Engineering | Group Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services | Executive Vice-President
Nicolas Rousseau enables the intelligent industry. He brings his holistic view on technologies and business to work with companies to successfully imagine, build and operate new products and services. He has helped businesses transform, orient their R&D, reinvent their manufacturing and run customer experiences across the globe, in all industries.

Martine Stillman

Vice President of Engineering, Synapse Product Development
I lead a team of engineering experts at Synapse, whose mission is to develop innovative solutions to our clients’ toughest problems. Using multidisciplinary teams, we build products and complex systems that have a positive impact on people and the planet. I’m an architect in Synapse’s Sustainable Design and Lifecycle Assessment practice and am deeply involved in our Climate Tech and CDR portfolio.