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Smart underwriting

Like all aspects of property and casualty insurance, the way we approach underwriting is evolving at a rapid speed. To stay ahead, and perform their role more efficiently, underwriters need the right tools.

Insurers can improve their risk assessment capabilities by using decision-support insights from various data sources to underwrite their policies more accurately. They can also use insights and analytics to continuously refine and monitor the overall book capacity through real-time portfolio data.

Meanwhile, reducing manual, time-consuming, and non-value-adding tasks can free up insurance writers to focus on building relationships and making sales. An innovative solution around the underwriting process can also improve the collaboration between underwriters and agents/brokers, thereby boosting the conversion rate and premium collection.

We assist insurers in enhancing their underwriting process with detailed risk and ESG insights, making it more efficient, resilient, and accurate.

How can we help

Enhance your risk assessment and pricing using AI, robust data, and predictive models.

Capgemini offers multiple solutions to enhance risk assessment accuracy and pricing.

The first major tool is Intelligent Location, designed to improve accuracy in risk assessments thanks to enriched decision-support analytics. It helps you use external data from curated vendors, risk indicators, etc. to create a centralized location hub with granular location risk profiles and near real-time risk profile assessments. 
We offer you another powerful solution, Generative AI for Professional Liability Pricing, that uses AI and large language models to monitor company disclosures and advise clients on risks. This customizable solution, enhanced with predictive modeling, helps insurers exceed traditional D&O underwriter insights.

Transform your underwriting function and simplify your workflow.

An underwriter’s workbench transforms the underwriting function by reducing workflow and the amount of data and documents. With quick access to required data, your underwriters gain a single pane of glass view. By leveraging automation and generative AI, they are free to focus on improving collaboration with brokers, leading to increased conversion and optimized results.​

Dynamic pricing is becoming a critical component to acquiring and retaining customers. Our tools will help you transform your pricing analytics development and deployment value chain to improve your speed to market.

Drive effective book management with our portfolio risk management solution

You can make informed decisions and update underwriting guidelines promptly with insights drawn from your portfolio data. Our new solution allows for a clear understanding of your current policies, exposure limits, and detailed analysis of areas with excessive risk.

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      Meet our experts

      Adam Denninger

      Global Industry Leader, Insurance
      Adam Denninger leads Capgemini’s global strategy and product management for the insurance industry and manages its relationships with the insurance technology ecosystem. Adam has 20+ years of experience creating and delivering solutions at the intersection of business and technology.

      Shane Cassidy

      Executive Vice President, Financial Services; Insurance Business Unit Leader
      Shane is executive vice president and head of Capgemini’s Global Insurance Business Unit. He has been at the forefront of digital disruption and innovation for two decades, identifying and developing solutions to address market trends.

      Satish Weber

      Executive Vice President, Financial Services; Insurance Sales and Go To Market Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

      Kiran Boosam

      Vice President, Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
      Kiran leads the global insurance strategy and portfolio for Capgemini Financial Services. A P&C and life insurance expert, he assesses industry dynamics and shapes innovative solutions for the Insurance CXOs, leveraging the power of the Capgemini Group, external ecosystems, and emerging technology.

      Andrew Hood

      Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Practice Head, Capgemini Financial Services