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RED HAT Containerization Services

Ensure a sustainable future with containerization. Reduce your carbon footprint, optimize your costs, and accelerate your cloud-native delivery and innovation.

Containerization is a technology that enables software products and applications to be packaged into self-contained components, containers, that are easy to deploy, scale, and update.

Capgemini and Red Hat can help you use containerization to reduce the carbon footprint of your IT, optimize costs and focus budget on revenue generation, and accelerate cloud-native delivery and innovation.

Wherever you are on your containerization journey and whatever your use case, we can help you realize the full benefits and build teams to help you scale the use of containers across your organization.

“Containerization is a genuine force for good for businesses and IT. There has not been a technology in recent memory that has met with such universal approval, and that has the potential to address so many business and societal priorities.”

Ben Scowen, Vice President – Cloud Delivery & Transformation Lead, Global Red Hat Lead, Cloud Infrastructure Services

Capgemini’s Containerization Service with Red Hat

What we do

Containerization Services with Red Hat®

Rapidly adopt containerization and accelerate your cloud transformation using the market-leading Red Hat OpenShift container platform, combined with best-practice accelerators and a proven, templated approach to help you realize the carbon footprint, cost, and accelerated-innovation benefits of containerization.

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