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gen ai campaign builder

Create new marketing campaign concepts in minutes with your GenAI Campaign Builder 

Imagine being able to kick-start multiple ideas for a marketing campaign that targets diverse audiences across different channels – for any industry, in any language. That’s the promise of your GenAI Campaign Builder, a revolutionary tool powered by generative AI.

With your GenAI Campaign Builder, you can start running targeted, personalized campaigns on any channel or platform in a matter of weeks, not months – significantly reducing the time to market and associated costs. 

Watch the demo above to see how this tool can help you accelerate the preliminary work that a creative agency would typically do.

At Capgemini, we are committed to exploring cutting-edge technologies like generative AI to help you achieve your marketing objectives more efficiently and cost-effectively. The GenAI Campaign Builder is just one example of how we’re defining and advancing the art of what’s possible in marketing innovation. 

Contact us to learn how this tool can be applied to your company.

Meet our experts

Naresh Khanduri

Global Generative AI for CX Lead, Capgemini
Naresh has been with group for more than 6 years now and has played multiple roles. In his current role as “Strategic Initiatives & Growth Lead – DCX” he is responsible for envisioning, designing and building strategic initiatives to help Capgemini differentiate and win in market place.

Yvo Booisma

Global offer leader Connected Marketing
Yvo Booisma is the Global Connected Marketing offer leader. With a deep understanding of CMO challenges, his passion is achieving the best seamless customer experience for our clients.