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Decoding Transformation For Utilities Industry

Capgemini India’s Energy Transition & Utilities Industry Platform is the global industry hub and Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Energy & Utilities.

We develop industry infused innovative solutions and help clients take a comprehensive and holistic approach to energy transformations, focusing not just on building a strong technological foundation and scaling impactful use cases, but transforming the business itself as it relates to new business models, platforms, and new ways of thinking.

Energy & Utility industry stands at the crossroad of a traditional past and a smart future. E&U companies are shifting to smarter infrastructure and leveraging digital technologies in their day-to-day operation. The trends driving the use of latest technologies like AI, IoT, AR-VR are digitalization, CX/ CI, energy transition and sustainability. Leveraging the expertise across the Energy & Utility value chain, business processes as well as emerging technologies, Utilities IIP is poised to drive the digital transformation journey for the clients.

Our goal is to become the leading strategic partner of the Energy & Utilities transformation, focusing on the Energy Transition, Low carbon tech revolution and changing customer behavior, leveraging the power of Intelligent Industry.

Decoding digital transformation through sustainable innovative solutions with the help of emerging technologies for our clients is at the forefront of what we create.

Meet our Leader:

Bragadesh Damodaran

Bragadesh Damodaran,
Sr Director, Energy Transition & Utilities Industry Platform