Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Evolve towards an intelligent model-based systems approach

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides modern modelling methods to help engineering teams manage the complexity of systems from conceptual design through to end-of-life

Competitive and regulatory pressures are forcing businesses to create products that are more intelligent and connected. However, this increased complexity makes products more difficult to design, assemble and manage across multiple domains.

That’s why Capgemini and Dassault Systèmes have come together. We turn engineering complexity into competitive advantage by using the latest MBSE techniques and designed solutions to specify system behavior, master interfaces and ensure cross-discipline collaboration.

Our comprehensive range of accredited industry-best-practice tools drive integration, consistency and add value across the entire engineering and manufacturing ecosystem to help you improve every phase of the lifecycle through automation, risk reduction and reuse.

MBSE is central to a more connected and effective engineering and manufacturing digital ecosystem

Enable digital continuity: We break down legacy siloes and connect your systems end-to-end, even across heterogenous environments.

Conquer system complexity : We overcome system complexity by shifting from a document-based approach to a model-based one, for consistency and risk reduction.

Implement industry best practice : We leverage best practice MBSE tools and techniques to maximize the model-based opportunity, so you gain a competitive edge.

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We approach MBSE transformation at three levels

We recognize that every organization is unique and that many already have a long history with systems engineering. That’s why our approach aims to “meet your team where they’re at” so we can address your specific needs, no matter what challenges you face.

  • Systems engineering consulting – we support strategic business ambitions with an ROI-oriented transformation roadmap.
  • Transformation and implementation – we help implement best-in-class methods and tools at scale to modernize your business in line with industry standards.
  • Engineering-as-a-service – we implement best in class solutions with industry know-how and IT across the entire lifecycle using an agile at scale method.

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Emilio Gomez, Offer Lead MBSE

“MBSE delivers best in class industry processes and tools, and collaboration & digitalization at scale, to achieve desired business outcomes across the lifecycle (Engineering, Manufacturing, Services). Increase flexibility and raise efficiency locally and at scale, reduce time to market, and reduce risk associated with new innovations, project complexity or achieving certifications.”

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