Digital Engineering Lifecycle Management (DELM)

DELM helps businesses evolve towards intelligent engineering lifecycle experiences by unlocking end-to-end digital continuity using a data-centric platform and holistic simulation through digital twins.

Using smart technologies and Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we’re helping companies unlock the power of data and seamlessly connect engineering, manufacturing, planning, and services, to become more intelligent enterprises.

A best practice DELM program needs to manage global transformation based on business knowledge. Capgemini’s DELM offer builds on business experience to offer in addition unique end-to-end lifecycle value that optimizes the global enterprise information flow – including process, methods, and tools in a consistent and scalable way tailored for each customer experience.

Why DELM? Because a traditional approach to the product lifecycle is no longer enough.

A singular focus on creating products faster and cheaper is no longer enough to keep up with the competition. To lead the market, the focus must widen to take into account how to seamlessly connect engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and services with a singular digital thread so that the power of data can be harnessed throughout the entire product lifecycle. DELM creates:

  • Sustainable innovation to continually innovate using virtual ‘what if’ scenarios at very low costs.
  • Data-driven insights via a singular real-time view for deeper insights and more informed decision making.
  • Risk mitigation through virtual simulation to avoid costly and time-consuming real-world failures.
  • Business agility through faster and less costly product introduction, fabrication, and maintenance.

An end to end model for successful PLM

Capgemini DRIVE is an agile method for delivering PLM in three progressive phases: Maturation, implementation, and roll-out. Accelerate the process via data migration, integration, and more agile change management. We train clients to transform their processes, without leaving anyone behind. Watch the video with Pierre Minkowski as he boils it down into something more edible.

Digital Twin is the future of PLM

PLM was once considered the foundation of the intelligent industry. Now, a new force called Digital Twin is taking PLM into the future. Using real data from the real world, Capgemini creates a Digital Twin that can be an exact replica of your factory, enabling you to simulate easy or complex environments, test “what ifs” to improve decision-making, and better manage change to facilitate faster and less costly product introduction, fabrication, and maintenance. Watch the video to find out more.

Data lies at the center of delivering better customer experiences

Move away from only digitizing business resources and process. While digitization allows for repeatable and continuous tasks using automation, processes and resources remain fragmented and done in isolation. Instead, move toward convergent and integrated systems that transform the operating model and transform individual products into cross-industry value experiences. These convergent experiences embrace digital continuity and exploit “what if” real-time digital twin simulation technologies.

Bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual simulated world to unlock powerful new methods of analysis, planning, and design across products, processes and resources.

Ready to take the next step in your intelligent enterprise transformation journey?

Ready to…

  • Make your product configuration process more streamlined and collaborative?
  • Take your engineering to the next level with digital twins?
  • Deliver products and services seamlessly and interoperable right out of the box?

Learn more about what we do together with Dassault Systèmes

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