Reimagine your core insurance processes

End-to-end insurance services that enable growth, digital customer experience, and increased efficiency

These are challenging, yet exciting, times for insurers. With customers in the insurance space expecting a seamless, “Amazon-like” experience accessible at any time and on any device, insurers are looking for innovative ways to interact with new markets and launch new products quickly into the market.

Capgemini’s Digital Insurance Operations portfolio of services provides end-to-end, customer-centric insurance offerings that transform your core insurance processes, and support functions such as finance, HR, and procurement, reducing your cost and boosting customer satisfaction – enabling, what we call, the Frictionless Enterprise.

Our platform-based solutions leverage our assets and investments in intelligent automation, cognitive document processing, and smart analytics to deliver touchless submissions, endorsements, and claims solutions, as well as third-party administration (TPA) services, across:

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain

Best-in-class business processing

Digital Insurance Operations also leverages Capgemini’s renowned reputation for developing and delivering best-in-class business process services, including:

  • Intelligent automation for finance – reimagine your finance operations to deliver enhanced customer experience and best-in-class finance operations at a lower cost, improved data and reporting, and enhanced controls
  • Next-generation HR – put your individual employee at the center of your HR value proposition to deliver sustainable value to your business
  • Digital customer interaction – interact with your customers seamlessly across a variety of channels to position them on the market and offer concrete actions to improve their performance.

A powerful portfolio built on consulting, technology, and operations

Our long history and strong reputation in providing business process and sector specific services has already made a significant and positive impact on many of our client’s bottom line and profitability.

Our clients range from a Fortune 50 life insurer to one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, and from a well-known American healthcare solutions provider to a global life assurance company. We have made a real and positive difference to the revenue and profitability of these, and many more, healthcare insurance businesses, including:

  • 98% auto adjudication rate in claims processing
  • 100% automated processes for document retrieval
  • 30% improvement in turnaround time for policyholder services
  • 35% reduction in policy administration costs
  • 43% efficiency gains over five years
  • 40% reduction in block administration costs
  • Up to 40% increase in productivity
  • 40% reduction in complaints
  • 35% reduction in printing and mailroom costs
  • 50% increase in provider satisfaction.

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