t-Police is the first solution in the market to provide both front- and back-office components, called t-Police field and t-Police support respectively. They can be sold either together or separately, and information entered in each part is shared with the other. Both are built on Oracle technology.

t-Police field allows patrolling police officers to access information in real time on their tablets. The information is sent to them directly from the police station or the intelligence division. Using t-Police field, officers can enter incident and crime information via mobile devices at the scene, capture leads while out in the community and exchange information with colleagues in the office in real time.

With our powerful tool, police can pull together fragmented evidence and intelligence information in a single, integrated system. Information streams ranging from video surveillance and mobile communications to criminal databases can be connected to identify trends and patterns. As a result, forces can make more informed decisions for effective policing, from incident to prosecution and beyond.