In today’s customer driven economy, product manufactures are striving to bring newer products faster into the market. It is also necessary to ensure extremely high quality and defect-free products to avoid higher warranty costs and brand damage. Striking a good balance between these two conflicting requirements of speed to market and first time right designs is a challenge as the products are becoming more complex and multi-disciplinary than ever.

We at Capgemini believe that systematic and innovative use of data analytics and data-driven decision making coupled with engineering best practices will help the industry to counter this challenge. Our Accelerated Defects Identification and Rectification (ADIR) framework for product launch analytics addresses this issue by using physics-of-failures based approach along with machine learning and advance analytics on the data from systems like product lifecycle management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Dealers Management System (DMS). It tracks the defect signatures; classifies the defects based on a stage-gated process and builds a self-tuning engineering and business logic to rectify the defects faster. The framework also has the ability to predict the probability of future defect occurrences based on pre-defect warning/ incidents record.

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