Internet, to web, to clouds – the critical role of standardization.

The Internet and web have created a real example of the benefits of industry-wide global standards to enable any-to-any interaction and sharing. As a similar technology model underpins cloud services, the same requirement for standardization is paramount.

The last 2 years have seen unparalleled efforts to create and define new standards to support cloud models, and for the first time, the driving force comes directly from the largest companies in various industry sectors rather than from the technology industry itself.

Today, many sectors, including finance, travel, retail, manufacturing, government and utilities, wish to create shared marketplaces in which they can do business with their partners, and are determined to define the necessary standards to do so.

This month’s Technology Brief outlines some of the key standards and drivers that are changing the knowledge and skills required to deliver solutions, along with a round-up of the latest industry news.