As you may have seen in the news over the past few days, large parts of the digital world have been affected by what is called the “Heartbleed” bug – in the OpenSSL encryption mechanism. This mechanism is used to ensure secure communication between servers on the Internet.

The bug has been active since 14th March 2012, but was not known to the public until 7th April 2014. For more information please see

As in many other organizations, IBX Business Network uses OpenSSL. Despite this, our services are unaffected by the “Heartbleed” bug. Unlike many other eProcurement service providers, none of IBX Business Networks production systems use the versions of OpenSSL vulnerable to the bug. Consequently “Heartbleed” has had no impact on the availability, user experience, data integrity, security or reliability of the IBX Business Network.

This is an official statement from Capgemini BPO,IBX Business Network, which can be freely distributed for external purposes.