Across industry, robots have revolutionized the way companies operate. Most famously that happened in a manufacturing context with the robotic vehicle assembly lines. Now, though, the next wave of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is hitting the back office.
In the manufacturing world physical “robots” replaced human workers doing repetitive tasks; in the back office environment, software automation replaces many of the repetitive tasks delivered by BPO services. For example tasks that involve people moving data, checking, validating, aggregating and re-keying can be simply automated step by step.

Mature BPO providers have, of course, been automating back office processes for some time. However the ever-increasing sophistication, and consequent application, of RPA in the BPO domain is now swelling a virtual workforce as never before. The new wave of RPA can so dramatically increase the capacity to do work, in such a cost effective manner and with such a heightened level of accuracy, that labor intensive back office functions are being ‘picked up’ by rapidly advancing RPA technologies.