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Client Stories

Zelmer Selects New ERP System to Support Growth Plans

Capgemini helps Polish manufacturer choose ERP system and align its processes in order to prepare the company for growth and strengthen its market position.

“ The selection of the new ERP system was crucial to ensure that we will get proper support of our business growth plans. I am extremely pleased with how Capgemini helped us to make the choice. ”Stanislaw Mical, Board Member, Zelmer S.A.

The Situation

Zelmer S.A. is a leading Polish-based manufacturer of small domestic appliances. Its Zelmer brand is sold in the Polish market, as well as in a number of other countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, Canada, the United States and Korea.

As the company has increased its market share, operational complexity has grown primarily due to a rapidly changing market together with the long lead time for its products.

The Rzeszów facility was supporting the company’s operations with an older IT system called ZSI (Zintegrowany System Informatyczny), which was designed for Zelmer. As the company focused on growth and strengthening its market position, the ZSI system could no longer support management with proper information; nor finance and controlling with data entry and structure, as well as analysis and simulations; nor production with planning and reporting. Almost every process required considerable manual work.

The Solution

Capgemini was chosen to support Zelmer in the selection of a new ERP system that could meet the organization’s operational requirements and support not only Zelmer S.A. but also its daughter companies in the future.

The Result

An ERP system was chosen and Capgemini was asked for further support in the form of knowledge transfer to the company selected as the software provider. It is expected that the new system will support key functional areas, resource management, business processes and deliver the right information to Zelmer’s management, enabling improved operational and strategic decision making.