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Client Stories

TDC Safeguards Cellular Roaming Network

Collaborating with leading Danish telecom operator on one of the world’s first active Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange solution guarantees risk reduction against fraud.

“ Capgemini has once again proven how to use offshoring to deliver the right product at the right cost. Our NRTRDE has been up and running without error for six months now. ”Anders Baekgaard, Fraud Manager, TDC

The Situation

TDC is a leading provider of telecoms solutions in Denmark. Customers crossing borders challenges telecom operators to provide uninterrupted mobile services. International roaming agreements allow subscribers to use cell phones from anywhere without having to switch service providers. Under current roaming standards, it takes between 24-36 hours before an operator has information about usage by customers abroad an opportunity that fraudsters can exploit!

In Denmark, fraud from such instances has never been a major problem, relatively. However, fraudsters don’t respect borders and TDC wanted to pre-empt those targeting the Danish market. Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) between operators significantly shortens the 24-36 hour time gap by ensuring that the subscriber’s host operator receives roaming usage records within four hours of a call ending.

NRTRDE would not only help TDC protect its network against fraud but also help establish its reputation as a highly sought-after roaming partner amongst global operators. TDC sought to implement the NRTRDE format well ahead of October 2008 the cut-off date for all mobile operators to either support NRTRDE or bear a liability for losses arising from fraud. In its quest for a solution, TDC turned to its technology partner, Capgemini. The stakes were high implementation of the format in a live setting was something that no operator had achieved.

The Solution

Capgemini has worked intimately with TDC for several years on a number of business-critical projects. Collaboration on NRTRDE was a natural consequence. Working together, the team implemented an inbound roaming NRTRDE solution in Denmark. The goal achieve the entire roaming data exchange process from the network all the way through to delivery of NRTRDE files to the data clearing house (MACH) flawlessly, in near-real time.

The Result

TDC’s solution was deployed a full year before the deadline, making it one of the first active NRTRDE solutions in the world. The solution has reported zero errors in over six months of live operations. TDC is now at the vanguard of international roaming fraud prevention. This makes TDC a compelling player for other telecom operators looking for a preferred roaming partner and should yield more roaming traffic to TDC’s networks and higher revenue.

It is estimated to help TDC reduce fraud losses by up to 75% and absolve fraud liability. If an operator abroad visited by a TDC customer does not conform to NRTRDE after the October deadline, the liability for fraud losses would transfer to the “visited” operator due to its inability to exchange call records with TDC via NRTRDE files within the stipulated time.