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Client Stories

DHL Building Business in the Mobile Communications Devices Sector

Capgemini facilitates an Accelerated Solutions Environment to turn ideas into actions in 3 days.

“ We delivered what we set out to do and we can feel very good about that. ”Hans Hickler, CEO, DHL Global Customer Solutions

The Situation

Senior managers at DHL faced a strategic challenge. How to diversify into the fast-growing mobile communications devices sector? How to brainstorm thought leaders across disparate domains with out-of-the-box thinking to bring some ideas to the table. Followed by how to take swift actions that DHL could adopt to shape its business strategy.

DHL called on Capgemini Consulting to help.

The Solution

Capgemini recommended an ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) event. These are designed to fuse group creativity and collaboration to unleash breakthrough solutions and action plans in days rather than months. The ASE for DHL was planned over 3 days.

Stuart Whiting, Vice President of Global and Multinational Customers at DHL Express commented, “We experienced three great days of learning about the Mobile Communications Devices Sector.

The event was hosted in Utrecht and brought together a diverse group of key stakeholders from DHL’s operations from across the world.

The Result

The success of the event is best described by attendees from DHL. Hans Hickler, CEO for DHL Global Customer Solutions said, “We delivered what we set out to do and we can feel very good about that. We can proudly show the results to Senior Management. We lived up to our commitment to leverage our collective experience to approach challenges and opportunities in a collective manner and therefore deliver fast, better and more comprehensive results.”

Stuart Whiting continues, “We are committed to building a new DHL culture. We will take the passion for our customer out of the business units and bring it together as one DHL”