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Client Stories

Commissioning Process Change at Tower Hamlets PCT

Capgemini delivers world class commissioning project for a Primary Care Trust (PCT) in East London.

“ Capgemini really helped us to understand what it means to be a World Class Commissioning organization. The project team delivered an excellent piece of work that has set us up well for the challenges we will face over the next year and beyond. ”Jeremy Burden, Director, Strategic Commissioning, Tower Hamlets PCT

The Situation

The Department of Health has launched a World Class Commissioning (WCC) program to transform the way in which healthcare services are commissioned by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). An Assurance Framework will require PCTs across the UK to demonstrate robust governance and performance against 11 areas of commissioning competence, and achieve better health outcomes. In early 2008, Tower Hamlets PCT (THPCT) -responsible for Tower Hamlets residents in East London- engaged Capgemini and Humana (health intelligence specialists) to assess current performance across prescribed competencies and design a change program to rapidly improve identified areas of weakness.

The Solution

Capgemini worked with THPCT to develop a standardized, transparent and time-bound commissioning process, driven by health intelligence data to ensure commissioning decisions addressed latest clinical evidence, patient experience and the annual Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

A performance management framework, linked to the Vital Signs (a new Department-wide approach), and supported by tools to cascade corporate objectives throughout the organization will enable outputs to be reported to the PCT board in terms of performance. An interactive online tool gives commissioners at Tower Hamlets access to process maps supported by templates and guidance with the responsibilities of different teams and stakeholders clearly articulated.

In parallel, Capgemini conducted international cross-industry research to identify best practice approaches to deal with the many complexities of healthcare commissioning. This research facilitated development of a transformation design and change plan, aligned closely to the evidence required by the WCC Assurance Framework.

The Result

As the project moves into full deployment and towards final stages of rollout of WCC Assurance, Tower Hamlets PCT is in a strong position to demonstrate its competence as a leading PCT in London. The process and performance management tool has provided THPCT with the opportunity to gain control over its commissioning operations, a platform to transform its services and a roadmap to become the best of world-class commissioners.