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Winning utilities customer’s hearts with AI

A recent report by the Capgemini research institute ‘The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add human Intelligenceshows that, while AI is no longer alien to consumers, 65% of utilities customers want to know when they are having interactions enabled by AI as opposed to human-led.

Another key finding of the report shows that of all the reasons for organizations to implement AI-enabled use cases, ‘cost of implementation’ (62%) and ‘expected return on investment’ (59%) were the two highest placing, way above ‘impact of customer experience’ down in 9th place with 10%.

If utilities companies are to protect against new digital entities showing up in their market, traditional players need to prioritize consumers in their decision-making process. The greater personalization afforded by AI can allow this. For organizations in any sector it’s vital for consumer concerns to inform AI initiatives.

Read on to learn more about how putting the consumer at the heart of your AI initiative will mean more engagement and loyalty.